Interview with Emily Daccarett

Hi Emily! Tell us about what’s going on in your universe of music right now?! 

Hello!! Well besides enjoying classic Holiday music by Bing Crosby and Andy Williams, I’ve been really into synth pop thanks to Cyberpunk 2077! I’m also finishing up my album set to release in 2021. We have had some delays due to the new restrictions placed earlier this month, but we keep finding new ways to pull through and, in many ways, it has helped us to make the album better then we could have imagined. I love this stage, no matter how hectic it can be, it’s so exciting having the songs come together as a cohesive story. 

What’s a priority when it comes to releasing new music?!

The quality is a priority. As important and exciting working on visuals is for me, the most important thing for me is that my listeners are immersed and can get lost in the music. I love listening to movie soundtracks, they bring you back into the movie without having to see it, and it’s that cinematic experience I try to capture with my own music.

Do you enjoy collaborating? Are there more benefits or challenges?

I do love collaborating! It really depends on the person I’m collaborating with, but as a whole there are more benefits that outweigh the challenges. I learn so much from working with others and it’s important to step out of your bubble once in a while to keep on growing as an artist.

Do you think it’s possible to not have social media presence when you’re an artist and still thrive?

It really depends, because if you are already connected within the industry, and have established a connection with your fans elsewhere, you may not have to rely on having a social presence. It can be a great tool for indie artists who do not have the backing to promote their music. There are times I’m very active on my social media accounts, but I do need to take breaks every so often when I feel it’s becoming too much of a distraction from my own work. 

How do our readers keep up with you and all your music and fashion?!

You can connect with me on my socials!

You can also keep up with me on my websites!

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