Interview with Water Tower

Water Tower! Tell us how ready are you for 2021?! 

Hi : ) We are SO ready for 2021. Having said that, we are actually enjoying the ride of 2020 because in our opinion, every situation has an advantage, should we choose to see it.  

What kind of projects are you anticipating on releasing next year?

We are excited to collaborate with some of our favorite artists.  Collaborating is really the most exciting thing for us.  We will for sure be releasing a lot of material next year, but we will also be focusing on small “tour blasts” or quick one week tours across the country. 

Are you exploring any genre changes to your music?

Actually one of the only constants in our band is our love for bending and blending different musical styles together.  We are actually currently working on a cover of “Mood” by 24kGoldn which is a really fun song to make WT-style.   

Here is the brand new jam about our experience having COVID as a band:

What is the importance of connecting with fans?

Connecting with fans is how we keep going.  Our fans are our life-blood.  The Tower Heads, or the Owls are a big part of our everyday life as a band.  The owl family is the reason we continue to churn out as much content as we do.  We realize that all of the stuff we put out can’t be 100% pure fire every time necessarily, but our family and friends appreciate knowing what the crew is up to, so we like to share a lot of content : ) It is more important to connect with fans than to worry about how I might look or sound in a post.  

How do our readers keep up with you and all your fun musical projects?!

We are pretty active on FB:

and IG:

For Press Inquiries:

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