Interview: Cody Dillon

Please tell us more about your new album.  So many great songs to choose from!  What was your journey while writing this art? 

The album is about a journey of redefining and setting a course to your own self discovery and what society thinks is acceptable. A lot of these songs are extremely personal and I went through a lot of real situations when writing them. So you will see how vulnerable  and  honest I was with this music. This journey was very long and kind of scary, but also fun. I knew I had to open myself up more than I ever have cause this music was meant to redefine my artistry. 

If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be and why?

I would not let people that bullied or talked down to me win. I wish I would have not let people’s persecution and ideas of me get in the way of my creativity &  individuality . 

How does NASHVILLE treat the independent artist and tell us about your beginnings in a smaller town!

Nashville is growing, and has much more room to grow. There is a lot of new and independent talent coming in everyday. I feel like the treatment towards any non-country indie artists is a bit unfair in a sense of opportunities. You have to hit the ground running and don’t stop til you make some noise. I think growing up in a small community and not many people like me gave me the confidence and the drive to share my creativity for the broader perspectives. I was determined to make it out and take over the world with new age pop music. 

Where do you see your music taking you in the next year? 

There are already so many ideas and directions I’m planning to go. I definitely want to collaborate with more upcoming and hit making producers to create some quality radio ready pop music. I want to make music to dance to & just enjoy the incline I’m on.  

How can our readers continue getting updates and more info about your latest releases? 

Follow me on social media and my website, lots more to come from me! 

Insta- @codi.Dillon 


Twitter- @thecodidillon 

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