Interview: Ali Jacko “My Boy” by Eileen Shapiro

You would never think that a Former World kickboxing champ (Ali Jacko)  would create one of the most sensitive and passionate gifts for Father’s Day with his new song, “My Boy.” This soulful and heart-warming song is dedicated to his 16 year old son, Mohammed Hamza Ali. 

The video chronicles the life of Mohammed from birth until present using the most adorable clips ever. The song is a precious ballad with a pop feel, with a meaningful that all fathers will easily find emotional. Jacko has also written dedications to his daughters and wife as well as socially conscious compositions, all with touching and moving themes.

Born in the East End of London, Jacko never lost a kickboxing match. His career began with a chance encounter with Mohammed Ali. Jacko’s positive attitude and self-determination led him to switch his very successful Athletic career, and pursue one in music. His knack for writing songs and presenting them is unique and special. He presents a kaleidoscope of various styles from pop to country, and has even tried dance while creating his songs. His videos are all vibrant and captivating, like a short film that compels you to watch over and over again even though you already know the ending.

“My Boy” is a triumphant, tempestuous song and video which will certainly evoke touching responses from the sternest personality. If you are not familiar with Jacko’s music it might surprise coming from someone who is a Champion of such a contact sport. However, the more you hear his creations the more you come to realize Jacko’s true and sensitive self and the more you become addicted to his style.  “My Boy” is a gift to the world as well as to his son.

Your Father’s Day song was like a gift for the world. I’m curious to know how your son reacted to the song?

Well even though it should be the other way around that my song should give me a gift, I did it more for my father and all the sons and fathers who will listen to my song and I hope they appreciate it. It will make all the difference to me if I can touch their hearts.

I was wondering what inspired you to write and record the song now. Was there a special event involving your son that inspired you to write it at this particular time in his life?

Since a very young age I always wanted to make my father proud of me and what I achieve in life. My Father was a very honest, simple and hard-working man and always looked after us as much as he could, having 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls. My father is no longer with us, but it feels good to know I am doing all I can to walk in his footstep of trying to be a good human. I loved my father very much I only wish he could see what I am doing. I also hope my son will be a good human and that he shows this song to his children and on and on.      

I feel like you are always writing these touching songs about your family that the world can identify with. How does a world champion kick-boxer who never lost a match manage to write such sensitive songs?

Fighting was a sport and I was good at it, no matter what I do I do it to the best of my ability, if a human can then I can and that could be anything I put my mind to. I am fighter but I also have a heart full of love and nothing else! 

What projects have you done since we last spoke?

I am still doing music some of which is coming out in films. I don’t want mention any names, but currently I am also producing a TV series called “JACK STALL DEAD” and playing the lead role in it. Hoping to have it released in 2020. I have a great cast and plan to make something really cool.       

What new projects can we look forward to?
I have some amazing new songs coming out later this year and also in some movies.

Is there any message that you’d like to give to all the fathers out there?
I would like to give a messages to the sons, one day you will also be a father. Make the most with your dad while we are around!   

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