“Images of Imogen” by Tash Hagz

“Images of Imogen” finds Tash Hagz and Mike Shields to be one in the same, but from two different worlds. The songwriter himself just goes by Tash Hagz, as far as what is know to most as a stage name. If you get a laugh our of anything, it will be that as you discover the music behind the name. The only way to get to know the two is by way of this single, which tells you enough as it is, with a good little number to go by. The song also comes with a video, so that will be covered here too.

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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tashhagz?lang=en

First of-all, Shields makes his home in Birmingham, UK, where he built his own studio to record what he says is box sets full of songs. Beyond that he is a family man with stories to tell and they all come out in his music, and so far it’s sounding and looking to be on the right track and in the right lane to go the distance. I was impressed with everything about this song and I find his to be a natural when it comes to his craft and he knows how to use it and he uses it well.

The song can be found at CD Baby, or YouTube where the video will be airing, so it should be easy to access once this review can be read. The only downfall is there is no other way to access any music by Tash Hagz, but that should change soon enough. He just sounds like he’s been around for decades, and likely has been making music a long time. If this is a new start, it wouldn’t surprise me and won’t make any difference once he releases more music which I look forward to hearing.

Once he starts singing it’s music to your ears and you almost stop hearing the instruments, all of which he plays. The timbre of his voice is the most unique thing about Tash Hagz, he’s a well-seasoned vocalist with a lot of strong melodic and harmonic qualities. The way he sings a ballad is what counts, but it would be interesting to hear a variety of  songs from this surprisingly tuneful voice. The other side is the charismatic side in which might be elusive at first but you wind up getting once you wrap your head around the whole entire package.

7DIGITAL: https://us.7digital.com/artist/tash-hagz/release/images-of-imogen-12603007

The goodness carries on in the video to promote “Images of Imogen” with a very well done production of song and sequence, leaning mostly on performance of guitar, piano and vocals. And I’m not usually one to watch a music video, but the truth is you can’t seem to get the attention of the fans without it, so why not embrace it. The music fits the purpose here when it comes to video anyway, because this is what was good about music when videos were the popular thing in the eighties and nineties. No complaints to say the least.

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