Sugar Addikt “LMBT1” (Let Me Be The One)

Sugar Addikt’s otherworldly new single “LMBT1” (Let Me Be The One) will have you dancing in seconds and thinking about what you care about long after the song ends. One of Sugar Addikt’s goals is to weave pertinent messages into anthemic dance music. “LMBT1” embodies this completely with poignant lyrics and a beat that makes you want to dance until the sun comes up. It’s hard to even classify Sugar Addikt as house music since they pull from other genres like trance, techno, EDM, and pop. There’s a very classic quality to “LMBT1” that stems from lead vocalist and songwriter Vanessa Littrell’s haunting voice. Her performance on this track is evocative and magical often leaning into a retro feeling that gives the 80’s a run for its money. “LMBT1” is the dance track that you’ll keep coming back to all summer.


I knew I was in for something I’ve never heard before when the opening of “LMBT1” reminded me of Depeche Mode. Take whatever you know about house music and throw it out the window, Sugar Addikt is here to flip the whole genre on its head. By employing percussion and synthesizers Sugar Addikt defines their distinct sound with ease.There’s a retro feeling that flows throughout “LMBT1” that sets it apart from other house music. It takes the rawness and vulnerability of club music from the 80’s  and blends it with futuristic beats that make you want to dance. The retro aspect of “LMBT1” was an unexpected element that really amplifies the intricacy of the beat and the heartfelt nature of Littrell’s lyrics. The energizing nature of the beat is what  makes “LMBT1” feel so captivating and addictive.

Its a goal of Sugar Addikt to blend dance music with positive messages, something “LMBT1” does effortlessly. “LMBT1” is able to capture the human experience of have true feelings for someone better than most songs and films can. Littrell’s lyrics tackle the topic of romantic agendas and expectations and the subsequent walls that people put up because of them. “LMBT1” takes an interesting perspective as Littrell gently reminds her love interest that the only reason she wants to be them is because she likes who they are. She’s not trying to covet their time or change something about them, she just wants them to realize that they can trust her. There’s a very pure set of emotions at the center of this track that imbue “LMBT1” with undeniable sense of honesty. The way Littrell frames the thought processes that both parties go through, one of caution and one of desire, really embodies the two sides of putting yourself out there. My favorite thing about this approach is that it gives you hope. Sugar Addikt soothes any worries we may have accumulated from other people and reminds us that liking someone is rather simple when it really comes down to it.

Sugar Addikt’s artistry is truly off the charts with “LMBT1.” From the layered beat, to the deep-cut nature of the lyrics, “LMBT1” is like no other dance track out there. Its hard to even classify “LMBT1” as house music but that elusive quality is what highlights Sugar Addikt’s originality. They really gathered their favorite feelings and sounds from every genre and made it their own. Littrell’s voice alone allows Sugar Addikt to have an immense amount of range in what their future tracks sound and feel like. As Sugar Addikt explores more cinematic tones their tracks become even more dynamic. It truly feels like the sky is the limit for Sugar Addikt since they’re masters of fusing hard hitting subjects with original beats.

With its ability to transport you to another realm, “LMBT1” is the evocative single you didn’t know you needed. Sugar Addikt is on the pulse of what people want to hear and how people want to feel. By incorporating deep lyrics with delicious beats Sugar Addikt is at the forefront of innovating house music. If you need music to dance to and that will also invigorate you then Sugar Addikt is the group for you. I am so curious to see what other topics and sounds these guys  decide to explore. “LMBT1” is the dance single of your dreams, you don’t want to miss it!

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