“Pieces” From Emily Dacarett

I’m not surprised the new song “Pieces” from Los Angeles’ Emily Dacarett has twists and turns. Like all great artists, her work is a reflection of her own story. The Manhattan, Kansas – born and Northern California raised musician and fashion designer has studied abroad and she brings a wealth of experience and colors to her work. “Pieces” not only mirror’s an artist’s statement and mark on music, but it’s a caveat that keeps on giving. This new song, draped in synth and pop musings, is one of 2021’s best. 

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Yes, you heard that right, “Pieces” just made my Top Singles for 2021. Dacarett, who graduated from Paris’ Instituto Marangoni in Paris and Los Angeles’ Musicians Institute, casts a wide sonic net in this latest track. The catchy chorus, a sing along must, is met with a bounce of a beat. The backing music douses the listener in cloud-like waves. Joining in on the fun is a shadow-like electronic guitar. It oozes another charming layer of hopeful tones. The guitar is optimistic and a bit of a juxtaposition to the sometimes stormy music base. I think the overall sound is playful and somewhat complicated. It makes you feel alive and awake. It takes you to several corners of the mind, and the soul and you find yourself coming back for more. 

The murky-watered beats are also a great backdrop to Dacarett’s vocals. You made it hard to resist, she sings. She then goes into the addictive you, you, you left me so, so blue. I hummed that line for hours and hours after a few listens. There’s just a slight brooding in her voice that just pops! Then finally, pieces of a broken heart, as if she were singing that last part only to herself and to a private audience. She’s not singing from the mountain tops and she’s still very fragile. The bass line and the quirky guitar rings, with tiny chimes fluttering about. I loved the way this song continues to pull back layers like an onion. You feel like she’s happy and she’s passed all the bad, but really, she’s not. She’s intriguing and there’s a slight angst in that tone you are just waiting for an exhale, an explosion – something.

What you end up getting is a contained emotion. I think she might be exhausted and this is her final ‘screw you’ song. She still loves the person but she wants to get back. The song itself is that revenge. It’s such a fantastic pop song with a gooey center that you just want to keep reaching for. You cling to her voice. The cadence in her voice is like the corner bar singer that has the voice of an angel but she just hasn’t come out of her shell. I do think the song calls for that modesty and she really hits the vibe with her presentation. She connects on several levels and no matter your relationship status; this is a song that can’t be ignored and will be a universal reaction. I’m seriously crushing on this song right now. “Pieces” is fantastic. 

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