EXclusive Interview: Steven P. Hamm, Rising Star In Hollywood

Rising superstar actor/model Steven P. Hamm is creating a buzz all over Hollywood. With his good looks, mysterious and humble persona, he suddenly finds himself in positive demand. 

The retired army helicopter pilot has much to offer. He was deployed several times to some of the most dangerous places on the planet and is familiar with army jargon. He has the look of a serious detective but can easily portray a sex symbol. His professionalism is unsurpassed. He has become a popular positive inspiration on social media and is also a voice-over expert…..

How has your career changed for the better this past year?

Now that the COVID-19 virus seems to be under better control, there seems to be more audition and project opportunities. With the help of acting coach Shannan Yancsurak, of Shannan Y Studios in CA, I have been able to book a project called “LA Crime Story”. I will be playing the role of a private investigator.

I have also submitted a self-taped audition for another indie project. Just waiting on casting results.

I continue to look for auditions as well as train with Shannan. Need to keep the skills honed to be prepared for whatever may come my way.  

Describe your ideal role?

There are many roles that fit into my wheelhouse. Ideally, I would enjoy playing a detective or an FBI agent. I’ve been told that I have that “look” for law enforcement.

What made you want to start acting?

Good question?? I would have to say that I’ve been an actor most of my life and didn’t realize it. Growing up as an only child, I would have imaginary friends and then act out scenes from my favorite TV show or movie. 

My decision to take acting seriously came from attending a cold read workshop just before retiring from the Army. There was a thrill and exhilaration from bringing a character to life. The rest of the journey is a continuing story…

Now that the world is opening up do you plan on auditioning for parts in other states or even countries?


I’m open for just about anything. Definitely willing to travel and make some new friends along the way.

Is the glass half empty or half full and why?

I’m DEFINITELY a glass half full type of guy. I wasn’t always that way. It’s a mindset that you have to develop. Looking for the positives in every situation is good for the body and mind. Life’s too short to think or worry about the negatives. 

How do you prepare for a role?

I read the script thoroughly several times to get an overall idea of the project. Then it’s time to develop a biography/backstory for the character. If there isn’t one already, I’ll make something up to get into the proper mindset. Then it’s a matter of learning the lines and any blocking (movement) as necessary. 

What advice would you give to someone who suddenly wanted to change their careers?

I would say GO FOR IT! If you’re unhappy with what you’re currently doing, find something that interests you and pursue it with passion. There’s no sense going through life being unhappy. 

I’m pursuing several other interests including learning to fly an airplane, audiobook narration, voiceovers, and new language skills. 

What do you think your contribution to the world has been thus far?

It’s been a contribution of service. I spent 23 ½ years serving my country. I’m still serving by flying EMS. I enjoy helping others in any way I can. 

Acting serves a dual purpose. I get the chance to showcase my talent while bringing a writer’s and/or director’s creation to life. It’s a collaborative effort. 

The official website for Steven P. Hamm may be found at https://www.stevehamm.org

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