Conor Gains drops LP

Conor Gains drops LP


After much anticipation, Conor Gains presents a masterfully soulful collection of songs on his new record, Compass, out now via VÉGA MUSIQUE. Espousing the kind of swagger that becomes unmistakable after a single listen, Gains uses a mixture of influences to create a brand of infectious rhythm and blues that is almost certain to usher in a wave of copycats if it finds the exposure it deserves.

The first song on the album, “I Know” opens with mysterious footsteps and orchestral music that build the anticipation of listeners to a fever pitch before ultimately giving way to the song, a gorgeous anthem of springtime love and finding new beginnings where once stood obstacles. Upon reviewing this record I was so completely moved by the first song that I had to take a step back for a moment to get my palate back to a nonbiased level. Conor Gains is not just good at what he does – he is downright incredible. This voice is something you simply have to hear to believe; a true steward of the soul ethos in the spirit of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. The gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, melding of urban melodies and symphonic wind instruments creates an energy that makes you feel like you are sitting front row at a performance of God’s house band. It’s simply breathtaking. The tracks that follow don’t skip a beat, either. “Walking Alone” and “Ordinary Love” put all of John Legend’s post-2011 output to shame in their prowess, and “In My Head” may very well be the song that inspires an entire new wave of jazz fusion to emerge; one that, like Gains, isn’t the slightest bit boxed in by scene politics.

Compass really is something you have to listen to if you’re a fan of modern, relevant music in 2018. I’m not even exaggerating when I stress that Gains is touching on a sound that is so evolutionary in nature that, with the right cultivation, will absolutely conquer the market as we enter the 2020s. This is an exciting time for music because of artists like Conor Gains, and his enigmatic tenacity for the little details found on this record. I firmly and emphatically recommend that fans of intelligent, relevant music find their way to their nearest online music retailer and download a copy of Compass today, just for the fact that it offers a rare glimpse into the future of what popular music will look like in the coming decade. If this record is a just a mere taste, I have a feeling that we’re literally sitting on the brink of a brand new revolution of culture uniting music that doesn’t necessarily wear influences on its sleeve, but more conjures an energy that is eternally familiar to us.

For more information on Conor Gains, his magnificent talents and magnetic artistry, check out his official web page or visit him on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook for updates on his live touring schedule and upcoming releases.


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