“R U Freaky” by Popz

Salaciously, cool and funky recording star Popz has still got it going at age seventy three ….that’s right seventy three (73)…  His new single “R U Freaky” has a sexy funk sound infused with a hint of R&B and a retro flair, with a jazz attitude. Sounding somewhat similar to the late Rick James and his hit song, “Super Freak”, Popz infused today’s sound with the 1980’s, and came up with “R U Freaky.”

Also quite reminiscent of the hit song “Brick House” by The Commodores, not so much the actual song but clearly the sound, Popz funky voice rides his new single like a an old pink Cadillac. The lyrics are contagiously sing-able, and the instrumentation danceable. Popz voice is a sultry tenor with a gallant falsetto, and an easy tone that is so smooth on the ears that the listener will want to listen to it over and over again.

Breaking records in the industry, the 73 year old can really sing, and this is a really tight song. Hailing originally from Ohio, this seasoned artist has managed bands, produced sounds, and has been in the business for a really long time. He has been in bands such as “The Crowd  Pleasers”, and released a hit single entitled “Freaky People” that hit number eighty-eight on the billboard charts back in the late 70’s, and has been a vocal coach as well. He has worked with artists such as Babyface, the man that discovered Toni Braxton and Junie Morrison who is very well known throughout the music industry. Popz has also been signed to a record label in Detroit, but now is an independent, solo artist.

“R U Freaky” is sure to please all fans of the of the funk genre, and Popz is an incredible artist who is a self-taught musician who is releasing music that is easily as good an any funk music released in history, and at seventy three is schooling musicians on how it should be done. He’s got game, talent and as a mature and seasoned artist if taking the music world by storm. I am sure he is leaving a trail of ladies throwing panties everywhere he performs ala Tom Jones ( I know the genres are different, but the effect from both of them is going to be the same).

Still processing the will and desire to be a part of the music industry, Popz is blazing a trail of glory with his new single. He is currently a BMI member and has also been inducted into The Columbus Ohio Music Hall of Fame.

I highly recommend everyone going to your favorite digital download site and getting this soon to be hit single. You won’t be disappointed in Popz “R U Freaky”. The recording is creating a lot of buzz around town and is an essential purchase if you’re looking for some real talent, so download it today.

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