Ferera Swan drops debut single “Second Time”

A bleak and ominous wave of synthesized minor key melodies is no match for the unwavering strength and positivity of singer Ferera Swan in her debut single “Second Time.” Flanked by a youthful, innocent voice delicately arranged in between staggering strands of rhythm and harmony, “Second Time” beautifully expresses an emotional message from Swan, who holds nothing back in this intimate ballad about adoption. Sporting a statement as powerful as its hook, this single is a testament to the skillset of this fabulously talented young performer, who demonstrates a caliber of professionalism here not often found in a rookie recording artist.

The drums that guide us along in this song are quite patient and could even be described as slightly muted in the grander scheme of the composition. The strings and keys that provide color to the black and white structure are as bright as sunrays breaking through the darkness of night and welcoming us into a new day full of opportunities. Swan herself is relaxed, cool and confident from start to finish, never alluding to the fact that this is her virgin trip to the recording studio as she exerts her command over the verses with a swaggering grip of the microphone.

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In many ways, you could say that “Second Time” is a lyrically-driven pop song, as the words seem to constantly find a way of pushing themselves into the forefront of the spotlight, regardless of where the vocal track is arranged in the mix. Throughout the song, our attention is directed towards various elements within the instrumentation, but even when Swan’s singing is set on the backburner, her fragile poetry always slips through the cracks and into center stage. On their own they make this a seductively sly pop song, but when executed alongside this gorgeously refined music, they take on a decidedly more impactful meaning.

“Second Time” was produced with a meticulous attention to detail, and though it’s becoming more and more common to see this brand of minimalism in American pop, Ferera Swan approaches the material with such a reserved attitude that the song is a lot more surreal than it is exclusively understated. I like that I’m able to isolate all of the different components in the track without confusing one with another, and while everything is built on the foundation of Swan’s amazing serenade, she doesn’t overshadow the intricacies of the music itself in the slightest.

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A potent pop song from a very talented young woman, Ferera Swan’s “Second Time” would make a strong contender for breakout status if it’s able to find an audience outside of the underground this winter. There’s a mainstream appeal to its construction, but make no mistake about it – what Swan has cultivated here is far from the bubblegum pop that poisons the FM dial with unimpressive, indecipherable noise. Her style is much more sophisticated and erudite, and there’s no indication that she’s going to get anything but better with more time and experience under her belt. This is an amazing way to start, and I’m very curious to see what she does next.

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