Wlady & T.N.Y. feat lossa – Beatrice (singe)

Club music isn’t often associated with being the most intelligently evocative or cerebral, but when it comes to the collaborative efforts of Italy’s Wlady & T.N.Y., typical narratives and journalistic talking points simply doesn’t apply. Their latest collective work, “Beatrice,” unites them with Naples’ own Iossa, who lays down one of the most gorgeous vocal tracks of the New Year in a sterling three minutes of play. “Beatrice” defies genre norms and utilizes framework more commonly found in American pop music, but I wouldn’t call it an all-out pop song. This single is a hybrid of three unique aesthetical schools joining together to execute a brisk, unapologetic dance anthem.

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Iossa’s lyrics are spiked with a sexy tone that bleeds into the mood of the music exquisitely, and while he’s busy translating the more physical aspects of love through his fiery vocals, Wlady & T.N.Y. are constructing a tower of grooves that is as intimidating as it is impressive. Our attention is frequently divided between the light harmonies of the singing and the acerbic but nevertheless abrasive muscle of the music, but the duality isn’t as conflicting as it might sound on paper. Contrast is a big component of this song’s charisma, and it helps to set “Beatrice” apart from similarly stylized works.

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The master mix is very masculine, allowing the drums to pound away and the bass to explode against the pristinely crisp crooning without ever allowing any element to become overstated or drawn out. It’s not the easiest feat to achieve, but for the most part Wlady & T.N.Y. are pretty good about keeping all of the discord in this track contained within the parameters of their songcraft. The rhythm doesn’t get so aggressive that it becomes annoying, and the lyrics skew all of the zealous instrumentation with a stripped down authenticity that is remarkably intriguing.

You can tell from the minute that we start to embrace the momentum of the music that the chemistry between these three players is completely real and unforced. There’s no awkward shifts in tempo or cut up beats that would suggest numerous post-production edits, and I think that if they were to explore this sound that they create together a little further, there might be no limit to the creativity they extract as a trio. Wlady on his own has proven himself to be one of the best collaborators of his scene, and when he’s with these two likeminded artists, the music they produce is absolutely magical.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNIMLnpSvy0

Sublimely structured, well-rounded and engaging from start to finish, “Beatrice” is a winner in my book, and likely for anyone who enjoys a solid EDM experience as much as I do. Though it’s steeped in the same heart-pumping luster as can be found in most electronica, there’s something really special about this track. It could be the way it melds Iossa’s stunning vocal with Wlady & T.N.Y.’s exotic urban swing, or some other hypnotic intricacy within the texture of the music, but at any rate this is yet another hot number from three of the biggest heavyweights on the European circuit today.

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