“So Far So Good” by Greye

With strong intentions and great musicianship, “So Far So Good” lives up to its reputation. Greye, the five-member band hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida, channels all that is good about John Cougar Mellencamp and all that is right with a bombastic live band and packages it all together in the studio. “So Far So Good” is a glass half-full ride, with a strong female behind-the-wheel.

“So Far So Good” joins an already impressive Greye discography. This past April the band released “Lucky” and garnered the top position on the World Indie Music Chart Top 100, as well as No. 2 on the European Indie Music Network Chart. The band has also independently released Providence (2014), The Worrier (2016), Windows (2017) and Under The Weather (2019). No date is set, yet, for their latest full-length.

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I’m still cleaning up your mess…at least it’s getting clean, sings a sultry Hannah Summers. When she sings she believes it, and one can visualize her flexed arms in the recording booth. Threading through her voice like a needle are years of stage smoke, singing over bike rallies and even center stage in an intimate theatre. She has guts to her voice. Here we are again, talking like old friends, she continues. Her mood hasn’t changed, she’s still singing like she’s lived a full life and her experience shows her that if she’s made this far, things are going just fine. I don’t know much anymore, but I know what I’m in for, so far so good, she wrangles, as the guitar starts to creep its way into the arena.

Guitarist Jett Wolfe, flashy at first, grips the listener quickly with the electrical storm he creates underneath Summer’s vocals. Sounding a bit like 80s pop rock at first, the guitar meanders into bluesy territories, leaving footprints of Americana and shreds of country rock. Wolfe’s audacious performance is capped off by the remaining trio: Josh Reid on bass, Ray Grimard on drums and Ken-e Williams on keys. Williams’ keys are subtle, but he captivates the listener just the same. His quick, cascading keys sound just as seasoned in a live-setting as Summers’ voice does. Grimard’s kit is more subdued – that’s not to say it’s asleep. Far from it. He and rhythm section partner Reid on the bass, create a powerful force. It’s just part of the gift pack, and while Summers and Wolfe might get the glory, we all know it takes a team to win.

After a few listens, this song grabbed me in different ways. During the first few listens, I interpreted this as a former love that just won’t quit and keeps coming back into Summer’s life. Then after a few more listens, I went rogue and thought of something completely AWOL like this is a song about Summer writing a letter to her younger self. Feeling uninspired? This song I the pathway to dusting off the doubt cobwebs and help you appreciate where you are, and the life experiences that have led you to your state-of-mind. It’s not rocket science, it’s music and “So Far So Good” makes you feel damn good.

by Nicole Killian, posted by Michael Rand

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