The Anywheres Releases Debut Album

In terms of debut albums acting as a launchpad for a band, things can generally go one of two ways. In the current “streaming culture,” most artists release an incessant amount of singles without an album; in my opinion, this throws the timing of the thing off and by the time an album does surface, fan engagement and interest have bottomed out. Take for instance Jay Electronica, whose features on a variety of hip-hop tracks in the lead-up to his first studio album garnered mass attention. Years without a word in regards to the release date, the album was finally released to virtually no fanfare. This is one example of many. The art of a debut album rollout has to be meticulous, but if the rollout is immaculate and the album itself isn’t, then what is it all for?

I said two ways earlier, didn’t I? Two ways. The second way: write and record your heart out, throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Worry about labels, money, and overall fanfare only when you absolutely must; get everything on the record at all costs. If you’re willing to put the importance of your art above any silly ad campaign, there’s not a doubt in my mind the album will find its way to the ears that need to hear it most. For Melbourne-based country-rock duo The Anywheres, they wisely went with the second way for their debut self-titled album.

The Anywheres, both as an album and as a band, is a remarkable first step in a career that could span many years. There’s an authentic and unadulterated craft on display in every track, from the soft guitar-driven duets (“Tell Me” and “I Will Bring You Home”) to the more traditional country-rock outings (“I’d Rather Stay Home.”) The folksy side of the band gets explored as they cut loose instrumentally in “Some Folks,” and the showcase of just what The Anywheres is capable of will keep audiences guessing. The durability of this duo is remarkable as they dip their toes into anything that fancies them, and it works every time.

As a debut album, The Anywheres is a stunning success. There’s no stone left unturned, and the band leaves all of their intentions out on the table with their hearts on their sleeves by the time the last track comes to a close. It’s admirable to see The Anywheres so high on their own supply, and why shouldn’t they be? It’s not a daily thing to experience a duo that’s able to conjure the confidence and strength of a five-piece band even once, let alone for an entire album’s length. The way The Anywheres are going, there’s no telling what lies in store for the group — after all, they seemingly pulled their name from their shared love of performing virtually anywhere, so they could be performing somewhere near you, for all you know. As a lover of bands who aren’t afraid to showcase everything they’ve got, making their debut out to be a greatest hits record on the first go, cheers to you The Anywheres, and godspeed.

Michael Rand

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