A blast from decades of the past, the retro band THE AMERICAN RELICS are catapulting to the top with their newest release “My Impala.” Having lived through various eras of music from the 60’s on up, leader of the pack John Gitano has a feel for the past however makes music for the present. 

In the 60’s rock music dominated the music scene, and with the Vietnam war and the Cold War and civil rights, music became infused with ideas and thoughts regarding the sexual revolution, equal rights, feminism, and environmental issues. The 70’s brought us disco, funk, soul and jazz fusion. Punk rock began thriving during the late 70’s and genres and artists began to change the music scene permanently. The 80’s brought about glam rock, thrash, metal, and MTV. Rap, reggae R&B and urban music, as well as freestyle, became popular in the 90’s. Hip-hop dominated the charts. The 90’s brought about the emergence of alternative rock, Britpop, Pop punk, and indie rock. Still music is forever, changing and the best way for a human to express themselves. THE AMERICAN RELICS thrive and are influenced by the genres of the past.

“My Impala” is case in point. It reminds one of days gone by when life was simpler and entertainment was also simpler. This song has gotten over 100K views in only a month since it was released on Tribeca Records and continues to grow in popularity. Vocals are smashing courtesy of lead singer John Gitano and harmonies prevail thanks to vocalist and opera singer Adrienne Dugger. The recording also includes band members Nelson Montana, Ian Zane, Josh Salant and Joni Ernst. Newest member of the band is seasoned guitarist Neal Lazar.

The past is not a series of events carved in stone that we carry around for the rest of our lives, but rather a kaleidoscope of experiences that when viewed through different lenses can change color, and we can see a present and future.

5/5/ Stars 

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