Suraj Mani is Back With New Music

It’s been just a hot minute since Suraj Mani released his last solo single, “I Am Fine”. He’s back again with the new moving song, “Rinse and Repeat”. Part rock and a lot of heart, “Rinse and Repeat” is the Indian singer/songwriter latest triumph. Music fans of any genre will fall under Mani’s magnificent spell and cleanse their troubles with Mani’s inviting, emotive voice.


Armed with just an acoustic guitar, Mani’s provocative words, simple as they may be, create a yearning. Within the heart of this song, and beyond the guitar backdrop, “Rinse and Repeat” caters to the more intimate moments in life. Mani sings with utter, unhinged devotion. He’s completely zeroed-in on the words “I won’t allow myself to be used” as if he were doing more to convince himself. It’s obvious that his shibboleth is spoken out loud. “Rinse and repeat” he sings with fortitude. The next verse becomes “we won’t allow” and he repeats the chorus several times.


Mani, who is the former lead singer of popular Indian rock band, Motherjane, further distinguishes himself as a rocker with the grittiness in his voice at certain parts. Motherjane emerged from Kochi, India, starting in 1996. Mani sang lead from 2000-2011. Among the band’s hits are “Tribes of Babel” and “Jihad”. He sings from his diaphragm, yes, but he’s singing from a place that unless you’re lead singer in a rock band, it’s near impossible to copy. The guitar flutters and rumbles underneath his melodic train, like the tracks trying to keep up with the runaway steam engine. Waves of emotion, soundwaves calling out into the night ignite when his voice strikes against the guitar’s strings. It’s like a spark, the flint hitting the hammerstone. “Rinse and Repeat” has definite dark tones, but it also has shimmers of light and aspiring tendrils. Much of the guitar work is tight, leaving little room for improvisation. Just as hollowed is Mani’s voice, the guitar trembles alongside the vocals, enchanting the listener even more so with each dominoe-ing note. As a singer, Mani takes the listener on a sojourn that not many artists can do. As a songwriter, he combines his vocal prowess to create an internal discussion.


Fans of Motherjane, as well as pop rock and adult contemporary listeners will love the lush vocals and multi-faceted guitar tones. While on the surface it would be easy to also loop this into the world music scene, which is fair, but I think like all great music, it’s genre-defying. Mani is his own spirit, his own brand of prose and music that can’t be contained by a label. “Rinse and Repeat” emerges as yet another reminder that the beauty of artistry is that on any given day, it releases a different signal of energy that can bring joy or comfort. What could likely be a solid gift of thanks, becomes a shared experience for Mani’s growing audience. This song is a gallant effort and one that is worthy to be added to anyone’s playlist.

Michael Rand

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