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Welcome to Diane Foster! Let’s start out strong – tell us more about your production company!

Since 2018, WallyBird Productions has been committed to fostering diversity and equality and we have been able to do that in front and behind the camera on every project. To date we have produced a two act play, four short films, a web series pilot, a television pilot, several music videos, and an award-winning documentary. We are currently working on two features, two short films, a guitar education series, music videos, and two documentaries. We are very excited for all that is ahead and the new voices of storytellers we will be working with. 

What was the greatest challenge when starting WallyBird? 

The biggest challenge to begin was thinking if I could do it and having the self confidence to believe I could. Another challenge is, as it always is with films, finding the funding for projects. There are so many great projects we want to do and putting all the pieces together takes time and diligence. Since I began WallyBird, we have been very fortunate to work with wonderful talent and have our projects be screened all over the world. I suppose it’s not a challenge but more a wish to be able to have our projects have even more eyeballs than they currently do. Film festivals going virtual this year has actually been great in allowing more people to access our films than they would have previously. Anytime you are working towards something, you will come up against challenges. Push through because on the either side is all you dream of and more. 

Can we ask, why the name WallyBird? We love it. 

Wally, as we affectionately called him, was my big brother and he passed away at fifty-four years old in 2017. He was a father of four and worked his whole life at the Sunoco gas station in Short Hills, NJ that he would eventually own. He was an avid softball player and bar fly and simply put, everyone loved my brother. Over 1,000 people attended his wake, some complete strangers who he had helped during his life that came to offer their condolences and praise what an amazing man and friend he was to so many. I was angry and depressed and upset that this world took him away from us with no notice or reason. His death has had the biggest impact on my life. Since we were kids, my mother would always say, “family is first and most important”. My five siblings are my best friends and we lost a son, husband, father, brother, and friend. For many years, I wanted to start my own production company so my projects could have a banner and team of people behind them. I thought long and hard about what the name would be and in one moment it hit me like a rocket, a childhood name we called my late beloved brother, “WallyBird”. Walter was tall and lanky, with a giant smile and an infectious laugh. To honor my brother’s life that was cut too short, WallyBird Productions was born. 

How do you keep a healthy work life balance? 

Taking the time to workout every morning, eating healthy, and being in therapy helps me to do the immense amount of work there is to do on the daily. I am running my company and heading several different projects at once as well as the projects that are already out. So it is imperative that my mental and physical well being takes space. You will never regret taking care of yourself! 

Other than your own, what would you say was the best released film of 2020? 

I did not watch a lot of films this year as I am an avid movie theatre goer and sadly haven’t seen a film in theaters since last February. Sigh! I have watched films on Netflix however, and I have watched a good amount of series over the quarantine. I really enjoyed the animated film “Soul” and loved its message, “Uncle Frank” was fantastic, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” was superb. Can you tell I love movies? 

Tell us where to find you on social media!

Diane Foster Instagram x Facebook x IMDb x Twitter

WallyBird Productions  Instagram x Official site

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