Exclusive Interview with Kendra Chantelle

Kendra! Carousel is still on repeat! What a great album! What have you been up to lately? 

Oh my gosh, thank you for listening to my album “Carousel” that brings me so much joy. I have been spending my time teaching remote voice lessons, doing remote recording sessions and hanging with my French bulldog, Buddha.

Who do you give any new music you’re working on first?

I used to share my music with my friends and family as soon as I got a work tape, but I have learned to keep it to myself until I feel like it’s done- it’s the only real way to make sure it’s authentically me! It can be really hard to hear opinions and not be influenced so I keep it to myself until the creative process is done now. 

Who is your biggest critic?

I am definitely my greatest critic! I think most of us creatives also have some perfectionist tendencies, so I come by it naturally.

What do you critique the most about yourself? 

I think vocals are the area I critique most harshly for myself, but it is because I have really high expectations. 

How do you keep sure you’re not so hard on yourself? 

I have given myself strange little “rules of engagement” for creating to keep me from being overly critical- like I try to use whole passages of vocals instead of composing piece by piece. I find it’s easier to capture the emotional truth that way and harder to obsessively nitpick.

What is the most important lesson an artist should know when they feel like their art is not good enough? 

I think anytime an artist is feeling their art doesn’t measure up, they need to remember they were given this unique vision because they are the one creator that can bring it to life and somebody out there is wanting it!!!

How can fans go and show love to your music and keep up to date with your next big thing! 

Fans can check out my music via Spotify, tidal, Apple Music- everywhere you can buy or stream music and can follow me on instagram @kendrachantelle my IG bio has a link tree to my website, merch store, etc. Thank you!!!!!

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview

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