“Love is a Flame” by House of Peace

“Love is a Flame” is the latest single from the Florida-based indie-pop band House of Peace. This is coming off their hit album Welcome to the River, their first major release since their 2015 album Into the Great Unknown. Citing musical acts like Coldplay and Snow Patrol (and I even got hints of Bon Iver in there), the song is built of the blueprint of hits like “Paradise” and “Viva La Vida”, by which they take minimalist lyrics and juxtapose them with lush instrumentals that sound more like they’d come from a Jame Bond opener in terms of evocative imagery (seriously, this sounds like a missing Daniel Craig bond theme, except maybe a bit more danceable and controversially more memorable than the last few releases).

There’s also to be a spring release of an EDM remix that should be hotly anticipated considering how great this track is. It was also mixed by superstar Sean Moffit, known for his collaborations with Josh Groban, Zach Williams, and Lauren Daigle.

WEBSITE: https://houseofpeacemusic.com/

This collaboration between Moffit and lead singer David Liscum is a match made in heaven and I’d love to hear the raw demos or unmixed and unmastered versions of this song because the final product is so precise, it’s like if a slick apple product was a song and that’s to be taken in the best way possible. Despite utilizing digital versions of what is considered rich instruments like pianos and violins, it never feels artificial. 

 The lyrics are kind of standard, which isn’t a detriment. You have your comparisons of the heart to a literal fire and how it can be used to warm someone or be warmed in turn and sometimes it pays lip service to its destructive qualities. In truth despite the highs of the song and there are many, the chorus’ line which is just the title of the song itself can come across as a little..unconventional? It certainly took the subsequent chorus usages to feel a bit smoother and that might be jarring for some, but once you’re used to it, it’s highly memorable and wildly catchy. I can definitely see its more wistful vocal qualities as the backbone for the upcoming EDM remix and it’ll be excited which elements they ramp up versus the ones they might choose to outright abandon.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/welcome-to-the-river/1479665096?i=1479665104&ign-gact=3&ls=1

Liscum was the sole producer of the track and the album ‘River’ that this comes from, and you can easily sense his ambitions. It’s sweeping, cinematic, moving, and gorgeous. His falsetto carries a warmth and it’s helped by his low-scale storytelling prowess backed by the sizable backing. Towards the end of the track, sometimes his vocals can be drowned out by the production, which is a shame. His voice is obviously up to the task, and his knack for twisting and delivering unconventional lines makes this standout from the more regularized sleepwalking vocals of his peers given the trends of indie music today. If you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned talent both involved or cut from the cloth of, it’s highly recommendable

Michael Rand

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