Singer/Songwriter Vineet is Back with” I Pray”

Vineet has remained productive despite the travails of a global pandemic. His latest single “I Pray” is one more mile marker in an impressive journey that has carried the young singer/songwriter far afield of his home country, India, and arguably his finest musical achievement thus far. There is undoubtedly, barring disaster, a long career ahead of Vineet but little question that this new single will forever stand as one of his sharpest and most fully realized releases. It joins impressive company with earlier tracks such as “Jab the World” and the stark contrast between its sound shows off his variety.


The production is exemplary. Vineet never over emphasizes one musical element over another and orchestrates the track’s multiple parts to work in sympathy rather than clashing. The ethereal synthesizers pair well with the track’s reverberating pulse and the track’s modern musical mood never sounds artificial. Each second of the single radiates an all-enveloping warmth and Vineet’s evocative voice is the song’s center.

His past songs have placed high on a variety of worldwide charts and there’s little reason to believe “I Pray” won’t follow in similar footsteps. It certainly is a timely musical composition and, despite its focus on the current plight his fellow Indians suffer, “I Pray” has universal resonance any discerning listener will hear. It gains added momentum from the emotional impact Vineet delivers with every line. Contrasted with his earlier single “Jab the World” and its high-powered rock vocals, he sings like a virtuosic angel during this track.  

The full and colorful synthesizer sound Vineet highlights on this release is, thankfully, never too lush. It is the dominant instrument in this track alongside Vineet’s voice, but the duo never obscures the other crucial elements making “I Pray” so memorable. His talent for balancing pop ambitions with a substantive message isn’t a skill everyone shares, and it seems to flow from Vineet with impressive naturalness.

It’s the latest in an extended run of top notch singles that boast uniform quality. Vineet doesn’t sound like a Far Eastern performer, an Indian singer, anything so boringly specific, but instead has enormous appeal for all listeners regardless of location or origin. “I Pray” doesn’t saddle listeners with heavy-handed sermonizing either; its spirituality appeals to all humanity rather than a cadre of believers.


Its crowning achievement is those vocals. If your first exposure to Vineet came with the single “Jab the World”, it doesn’t prepare you for the wide-ranging vocal presentation he provides listeners. Vineet moves with assurance from one range into the next, flawlessly transitioning, and hitting all the right peaks. He never overplays it, but there’s a potent dramatic bite he brings to the singing that will keep listeners coming back for more. “I Pray” ranks among the best singles of 2021, any style, and should provide a hard kick in the pants for an already flourishing career. Vineet’s “I Pray” may be inspired by tragedies upon tragedies, but it has a positive slant that listeners will likely love when they first hear it. 

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