“Heat ”by Bing

Straight outta H-Town, Rapper, Bing has released the brand new single, “Heat.” Bing isn’t necessarily a prolific artist, at this point in time, so “Heat,” would still qualify as his early work. Sewing his oats in the aforementioned metropolis of Houston, has shaped not only Bing, but his music as well. As a result, you can hear a certain underlying grittiness in the Rapper’s music. Bing doesn’t shy away from the more spotty aspects of his past, but instead owns them, in a way to add a cautionary narrative to his work.

Bing certainly brings the heat on his new single. It’s a high energy track, with a great effect on the intro, that pretty much grabs you from the start. Bing, essentially gets right up in your face, and doesn’t let up from there. The track doesn’t so much feel confrontational as it does, deliberate. It’s quite noteworthy how Bing is able to establish his presence, audibly, giving you sense of his powerful presence.

While the final mix of “Heat,” isn’t pristinely polished, it probably works better than if it were. By his own admission, in a roundabout manner, Bing describes his music as raw and relatively underground. He doesn’t postulate or embellish, he recognizes himself for what he is. It’s certainly subjective, but it’s rare that we describe someone as “real,” anymore, to the point that most won’t even understand what you mean by such a distinction. Bing would fit that description in an era, perhaps gone by.

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“Heat,” likely has several meanings. In general, heat is often a term to describe emotional fervor, and/or a sort of palpable tension. It’s somewhat brilliant subject matter for a song, as the term itself will garner a reaction, and virtually everyone will have a different interpretation. As for what Bing was going for, himself, is up for debate. Lyrically, he is all over the map, but doesn’t do so in an erratic or hard to follow way.

Peace out/I’m out/Best one out/Give Me clout. Bing doesn’t always aim for elegance or verbosity, but rather a deliberate and street wise delivery. He is a step behind on the verses, which is something he might want to correct in the future. Conversely, it gives his sound a certain distinction. If Bing is interested in expanding his following, he’ll want to tighten things up, in order to give the most bankable first impression.

“Heat” is a track with a monster chorus and a big groove, that you truly want to embrace. Bing has terrific ideas, and he himself is a definable persona. He’s in the stages of refining his product, but most if not all of the key elements are there. This is the kind of track that makes you want to hear more from Bing. All he has to do now, is turn up the heat.

Michael Rand

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