K-Roll Releases “Earthquake”

“Earthquake” is the newest single from multi-faceted artist and performer, K-Roll. The real life Kevin Rollinson initially set out to become a comedian, and through a strange twist of events, became a recording artist. His latest single is fitting for a comedian, as a sense of humor will make it more enjoyable. With a religious background, “Earthquake,” seems an unlikely choice for K-Roll to write and record. However, the term is show business, and the second word in that endeavor is often tantamount to the first.

Kevin Rollinson’s story is the type that makes his work, much more interesting. He is delightfully honest in how he came to be a recording artist, and his humility makes him simultaneously likeable and fascinating. He caught the acting bug, along the way, and has since landed major roles in a slew of independent films. You could say he accidentally found his way into a music career, but that may not be entirely accurate. Rollinson initially recorded a track that led to the series of events, that would inevitably bring us, “Earthquake.”

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Featuring Quesh, $DOE, and Nick Scott, “Earthquake,” might just be destined to become the new anthem for twerking. The entire premise is based on the devastating rumble of booty shaking. Now, there are several directions a piece like this can go, and K-Roll and company go one of the more suggestive routes, to say the least. It must be said, the way the track is layered is quite impressive. Each act establishes their presence by turn, and the outcome is a decidedly unique and memorable arrangement.

From a recording standpoint, “Earthquake,” isn’t perfection, but the novelty aspect of the piece, somewhat excuses that. Musically, the track is more than competent and the performances are brimming with personality. Lyrically speaking, no one will confuse “Earthquake,” for being penned by Cohen, but again, it commits to the subject matter. If we’re going for word association, fun, audacious, or hysterical might be used to describe “Earthquake,” all of which are decidedly enticing to the average person. This song will undoubtedly leave an impressive and an ensuing and imprinted smile, regardless of your will.

It begs the question, will “Earthquake’s” content potentially limit its audience? We are living in a decidedly complex time. Marketing doesn’t necessarily abide by the same parameters it once did. There are some blatantly sexual references throughout the work, and they seem to only exacerbate as the song progresses. There is a lot left to the imagination as the song begins, but by the end, K-Roll and company have painted a rather clear picture for us.

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All things considered, “Earthquake” is a song that may not be able to be denied. Outside of a few production inconsistencies, it is a well performed  and memorable track. The title metaphor, alone, is quite original, as I can’t recall such a trope ever surfacing, previously. Kevin Rollinson, the man behind the persona of K-Roll is a fascinating character study, and an essential tale for those considering a career in entertainment. This song is one more addition to the growing scrapbook of his storybook journey. 

Michael Rand

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