“The Last One” by Manny Cabo

Is singer Manny Cabo part chameleon? Is he a shape shifter and we don’t even realize it? One thing’s for certain, Cabo can sing. Though he is known for his short stint on NBC’s The Voice, this former four-chair turner is still turning heads. With his new country rock song “The Last Song” he proves once again he’s the perfect vehicle for songwriter Bonnie Warren’s lyrics. These two make a great pair and Cabo bridges together a unique sound of rock and country that only he can achieve.

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“The Last One” is Cabo doing what the does best. He moves a long along with his hefty, rocker voice. The bedrock melodies and persistent percussion do their thing, too, but Cabo’s voice and immediate rapport with his audience never ever gets old. He’s shown audiences time and again, in songs such as on “Hate Has No Home Here”, “Wear Your Words” and “All Night Again”. that he can instill love and heartfelt inspiration just as much as he can insight air guitar. These Warren, his consummate muse in these songs or perhaps vice versa, have found a way to forge a sound that is anything but patronizing to the listener. Sure, we need a positive message here and there. Sure, we need inspiring songs. But with Cabo at the helm, these songs have an added bonus and added layer of getting past fragility. Cabo, in a way, is all of us. He’s been a workhorse. He’s traveled from gig-to-gig and has put in his time. He reminds us in “The Last One” to make the moment count.

When I first starting mapping out how this review would read, I wanted to emphasize the lyrics and the way Cabo, who is now based in Nashville, makes the listener always feel at ease when he’s behind the mic. I don’t want the reader or the listener to focus too much on the inspiring and think this is a Christian song. Please know that there’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t want to pigeon-hole Cabo’s work. The more I got to thinking, the more I realized the magic is really happening between Cabo and Warren’s songwriting. As a song, “The Last One” is a culmination of this unending spirit and love for music they have. It’s also a love song to the family members and those we love to take advantage of the time you have because tomorrow might not be in your future.

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Because Cabo has such a powerful voice and rock background, this song has more gusto. It has more meaning. The country-hued electric guitar riffs, the pitter-patter drumming, it all leads to one cohesive sound that wouldn’t be the same without Cabo’s personality and genial voice. He’s the star, that’s for sure. With each single he’s dropping, Cabo breathes new life and rejuvenation into his work. His artistry is evolving and the listenership will certainly grow with his latest turn “The Last One”. It’s a worthy listen from one of indie music’s hardest working sojourners.

Michael Rand

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