Singer/Songwriter Annette Adler Releases Colorful Album

Where does music take you? Are you looking for a pack of songs that take you to a sunny spot, a far-off land where all the greens are greener, and all the reds are bursting? If you want that in an album, or even just a handful of songs, and you’re seeking an escape, the new album Color My World from Los Angeles’ Annette Adler will have you dreaming in technicolor. Color My World possesses superb songwriting and even better vocality. Adler is a beacon. Her voice, a lone wanderer over a subtle guitar bed, calls to the listener like a siren at sea. “Color My World” proves that a song can be embedded into your life – and it will add some color to your day. 


Adler’s voice, somewhat of a throwback to the time of folk rock and the Laurel Canyon sound, overlays her sprite sound to the trickling guitar strings. Any other instrument might have given a different impression or tone – I think the guitar is very California. It’s like the beach or Mother Nature herself. The guitar makes you feel like it’s that alarm clock sound that eases its way into your mind while dreaming. It’s not enough to startle you, but enough to feed your morning cup. That vintage gloss, the guitar is like a stamped postcard from the West Coast. The Kodachrome is there between the sounds – it’s her voice that makes the sound come even more alive and real. She creates these winding guitar worlds so beautifully in tracks like “Sister Harmony”, “It Feels Forever”, “Empty Shoes”, “Signs” and more. 

The dosage of love and empathy is very high in the exceptional song “Empty Shoes”. One might consider this a protest song – as it honors the demonstrations following the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. It felt like a pivotal moment in the album, as well as a healing, inspiring sonic journey. 

“Feel Alright” and “Family You Choose” are both great songs to follow and sing along. “Actually” has a softer tone, a guitar that sounds like trickling water. I can handle more than you believe, Adler sings. Her vocal range increases, with a slight dramatic string arrangement. I loved the story in “Actually” and the emotion. 

Her sun kissed voice never loses its luster. Paint my life with possibilities, Adler sings in the title track. The song takes the listener, like a kite, into the air. This earworm spins and dangles in the air for hours. It’s infectious to hear an artist sing with optimism and care. If you are in a bad mood, play this song. If you are still in a bad mood – you’re doing it wrong. The other feedback I can provide is that Adler just has such a special voice, it’s hard to see her streamlined into one genre. Color My World, the album, really has no boundaries and is likely to get some Spotify streams from fans as far-reaching as world music, folk, Americana, pop and even Christian contemporary. Color My World has me escaping into new worlds and scenes – and I loved every minute of it. 

Michael Rand

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