“Blue Horizon” by Marla Lewis

In a time as tumultuous as the present, I think we need more songs about looking to better days. Marla Lewis and producing partner Bob Stander have created such a soulful tonic in the shape of their new song “Blue Horizon”.

A lovely combination of both Jazz and Adult contemporary, Lewis has been honing her skills for the better part of a decade now. An award winner and understandably so, Lewis cut her teeth initially in children’s music which has earned her several awards and she’s even been featured on some Grammy winning records. All of that preamble is to say that Lewis knows a way around a song. Crafting kid’s music in some respects is much harder than making music for “adults”, and in Blue Horizon, there’s still a childish innocent quality to it that never becomes hack or pandering. The track begins in earnest with a soulful combination of drums and Tamborine that sets the stage for a more intimate affair. Layered with some excellent guitar work that gets its own spotlight towards the middle of the song, Lewis takes to the mic with such charisma, you’ll be won over immediately. Her voice is delicate, but not wafting. She carries an aged quality that carries the right amount of pathos. It’s very easy to see why her vocals have been such a noted part of the success of her children’s work.

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Her lyrics are humble and evocative and the whole song has this romantic tension lingering over it as Lewis sings about taking someone towards the blue horizon. It can certainly be read as a metaphor for a new relationship and the doubts that come with it. Lines like “You might feel queasy but trust me you’ll be alright” help drive that point home. It’s shockingly an emotional song for something with such a seemingly carefree attitude. The lines have plenty of stylistic flourishes like “We’ll watch a supernova dance” and Lewis’ delivery makes each of these hit with precision. Producer Bob Stander and LEwis have obviously got their repartee down to a science, with each bringing out the best in each other. Big props to the backing band who each bring a distinct flavor who are all able to be given standout moments. Everything culminates so organically, that it honestly feels like a song that’s existed for such a long time. I expect it’ll be a hit with those looking for something to cover.

If you’re not into Jazz or Jazz stylings, I still recommend the track. It’s perfect to get lost in alone thinking about a beloved, and probably even better to dance along with or enjoy a moment of intimacy together with it lingering in the distance, much like its fantastic ethereal chorus does at the tail end of the track. Lewis’ passion above all else makes this a hit, and it’s the first single to set up the release of her album “SONGBOOK”, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

Michael Rand

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