Singer/Songwriter Andy Michaels Releases New Single

Who do you listen to when you’re in a mood to celebrate the love of family, the gift of motherhood? Andy Michaels might just have a song that encapsulates that exact idea. In his new track, “She Reminds Me of Beautiful”, Michaels harnesses the power of love, in an idyllic way of passing on a couples’ love to their children. Joining him in “She Reminds Me of Beautiful” is vocalist Sharon Court. The two make wonderful music together in this contemporary hit. 


Based in Perth, Australia, Michaels has been performing and writing music since a car accident left him temporarily disabled when he was 18. More than a hundred songs later, he continues to inspire worldwide audiences with his inspirational songs. “She Reminds Me of Beautiful” garners a wealth of emotions and reactions. I first listened to the song only focusing on the music, not even the lyrics. It was hard, but I did. What I discovered is that the music tells just as strong of a story and moved me in a way that felt like my cup runneth over. I don’t know how he does it, but the music is like capturing a smile from a beloved family member. It’s that extra jump in your heart you get when you see your grandma. 

Once you add the lyrics and Court’s vocals, it’s like an organized Hallmark store. Each stanza, each aisle is like sunshine in a bottle. Court has a bit of a smoky hue to her voice, and she curls the ends of her words like a flower vine growing all around a garden. I loved the way her voice has a character of its own. Michaels and her hand off lyrics, and while they don’t harmonize together, the music flow beneath them elevates the mood. I heard a splendid acoustic guitar, a string section and a steady drum. This song never feels like an effort, it just slides right into the next stanza, folding into the next like a natural happening. It’s wholesome and feels like home. I think every parent would feel safe letting their young children listen to this song, and it’s refreshing to know it’s being sung by such an inspiring artist. 


Not only does it feel right in the moment, but it’s also a great chance to gauge the beauty in your own relationship. I think Michaels knows this and hits on some key relationships in his songs that are universal. He makes you think, and he makes you feel. I love songs like this. If you’re a fan of Bob Carlisle (“Butterfly Kisses”), Lee Ann Womack (“I Hope You Dance”), John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” and Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” then “She Reminds Me of Beautiful” will be a great addition to your parenthood playlist. If you’re a fan of songs that get you in a great mood the moment you wake up (if coffee doesn’t already do that for you), then “She Reminds Me of Beautiful” will certainly set the rhythm to your day on the right path. 

Michael Rand

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