Sherman Oaks Castle Park

Sherman Oaks Castle Park, LA

Sherman Oaks Castle Park, LA

Los Angeles is a city with loads to do from movies to concerts, dining to specialty cocktails! It’s flashy, it’s exciting, it’s…expensive! So I decided to go back to childhood and go play some mini-golf and try my hand at the arcade at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park.

We arrived at about 3pm on a Saturday and there were still a few parking spots left, but if you can find street parking take it because it’s a small lot and there are a lot of people who want in on some castle action!

We sauntered up to the castle about seven or eight…no wait that’s the Fresh Prince sorry, we headed straight past the batting cages and arcade and lined up to grab a putter and get on the mini golf course. For only $6.50 a person you get a standard club, a token to choose which colour ball you want (they are stored in what looks like gum ball machines) and you can golf 18 holes of one of 3 different mini golf courses. And the challenges are REAL and get worse as the course progresses.

From angles to inclines, the course will have you laughing and forgetting just how many strokes you actually took. The point is, you will have fun and for the cost of a nitro-cold-brew-frappa-latte you can spend an hour playing and having fun!

I forgot how much fun hitting a ball around could be and the fact that there was wear and tear on the courses, or rotting fallen fruit on some holes is all just part of enjoying the outdoors. The thing to focus on is reminiscing about how easy life was as a kid when your biggest worry was what angle to hit your ball up the hill so it doesn’t roll back down!

To answer the question on all of your minds, I lost the game, but then won in an impromptu bball arcade game on the way out!

Sherman Oaks Castle Park:

4989 Sepulveda Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA, (818) 756-9459

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