Single Review: The PondHawks “Invisible Stranger”

By the time you listen to the release “Invisible Stranger” by the Chicago duo The PondHawks, and listen to its inspirational meaning, you will see that the future is smiling. True, it’s a scary time for the entire Earth. True, the entire human race is in jeopardy. True, people are overcome with fear. However, “Invisible Stranger” is of some comfort. It’s a warning, it’s relevant and it’s done with the upmost care. 

The PondHawks have the reputation of being magnificent story tellers and producing musical magic influenced by The Beatles. Their songs are filled with vibrant synth and awesome harmonies. Their loyal fans number over 600,000 as their social media dictates and their reverbnation declares. Mario Novelli plays guitar and sings the lead vocals while Jorie Gracen triumphantly plays the keys and provides the harmonies they are so well known for. 

While the virus rages on, The PondHawks continue like a raging tempest singing and producing lasting melodies with radiant messages. Music is their destiny. They know that to endure is to be human…and their “Invisible Stranger” helps us endure…..We are all in the same boat, however, inspiration like theirs helps us move side by side into the dawn and out of the darkness into the light….

5/5 Stars 

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