Sage Suede: “Thicc Juicy Bass”

Perhaps the future of popular music, rising superstar Sage Suede has had the musical courage to go where most artists have never gone before. With his recently released album “Thicc Juicy Bass,” Suede has dared to take the rhyme and pop music and create a different type of sound for each track. With a loyal fan base and a huge online presence “Thicc Juicy Bass” is creating a master buzz.

Sage Suede and I exchanged question and answers regarding his album and his career ….

Aside from your newest release “Thicc Juicy Bass”  what other projects are you currently involved on?

I’ve been doing a lot of modeling lately, such as for Package Menswear. It has been a lot of fun and I enjoy working with my friends! I’m also making new music videos for the EP Collab “Glossy,” which I made with Dazmin D’leon. 

Do you ever collaborate your music with your modeling?

Yes, they go hand-in-hand. Modeling is funny, because if you do it enough, you’ll just start modeling anytime you’re in public. I used to do that whenever I felt nervous, but people paid too much attention. I’ve had some weird incidents, like this time that my neighbor got turned on by me eating Palak Paneer in my living room. Mushy spinach just does not have that je ne sais quoi and I was surprised that looked hot to him at all.

I like having some sensuality in my music and the modeling adds to it. This music video is a great example, because it also has fitness / swimwear clips:

Define creativity in your own opinion?

Creativity is like the open expression of the human soul. It’s writing, without thinking too hard and before most editing or restrictions.

A lot of my most creative thoughts just come to me naturally while I’m doing something else. Then I write down the thoughts that sparked my work and grow the verses into a full song. Structured approaches can still be creative, but I feel like it’s usually most creative for me to just flow.

When I write, I don’t conform to any genre or imitate anyone, so my album releases are more dynamic than most. I write music for fans all over the world, so my songs aren’t repetitive or in one cookie-cutter style. I might write one song for my Brazilian friends and another song for my family at home, it depends on what I’m feeling that day.

I’m a polyglot, so I’ll write in whatever language I’m thinking in. So far, I’ve written songs in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian. I don’t speak all of them with complete fluency, but I just ask my friends abroad to double check the grammar.

If you could musically collaborate with anyone on the planet who would it be and why?

I prefer to work with people that make a lot of their own tracks, because otherwise they expect me to write most of the song for them. That’s why I loved working with my friend Dazmin D’leon on our EP Glossy. I’d like to work with Kali Uchis, because she has cool samples and I think a collab with her would sound great. I’m pretty open to most artist collabs and would like to produce something for a large act.

What songs are on the soundtrack of your life and why?

Since 2017, the song that has resonated the most with me is Cosculluela – La Dama by Karol G..The lyrics fit my mood a lot of the time. When I’m sad, I usually listen to Portishead and they have gotten me through a lot of tough times.

What is the biggest challenge you ever had musically and the biggest triumph?

I don’t find it difficult to direct videos, photoshoots, market and produce my own music. It’s just a challenge to be heard over all the noise out there.

I’ve done so much online already, but it would be nice to have an industry team for the promotional scale. Half of y’all have already connected with me on Linkedin anyway. I’m a lone wolf for now but it would be nice to form a team for future releases.

Where do you want to be in five years?

I’ll still be making music, with or without any help, but I’m sure I’ll have more friends to work with. I’ll have finished at least 2-3 more albums by then. I’d like to do more modeling for brands too. I have a few more photoshoots planned already.

I’m looking forward to a gallery showing of the music videos from my album Thicc Juicy Bass, at The Galley ATX. It’s the first time I’ve had a museum exhibition for my work, so I’m excited. I also have a few podcast features for my music coming up. I’m always busy and creating. Oh, and my music is being featured in a few magazines, including my first feature in Australia.

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Interview by Eileen Shapiro

Photos by Dan-Ramone Vivian Chavez

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