“Inside Passage” by Burt Weissbourd

The Inside Passage is a connected group of waterways between Seattle Washington and Alaska, mostly protected from the big waters of the Pacific Ocean where Corey Logan grew up boating with her mother. After her mother’s death, Corey renamed her boat the Jenny Ann. Looking back over the life of Corey Logan, one might presume her to be a somewhat innocent single mom of one who had made a lifestyle out of navigating the Inside Passage, raising her son, and enjoying a wholesome life. At least, that was her life prior to reconnecting with Al, Billy’s father.

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Then, life falls into a rip roaring tailspin of noxious corruption, secret criminality, and erstwhile escape from perilous meetings with death – or at least those attempting to introduce her to the concept. Little does she know that she holds all the cards, the key to the security deposit box, and ultimately the strong arm of the law… Err… Perhaps, the most corrupt arm of the law in Seattle Washington? And the corruption, originating in Russia, bears the name of a Catholic Saint and the face of a Greek God. Rough uncut diamonds stolen from powerful political terrorists and crooked smugglers fell into the hands of bad players. Evil and chaos threaten to destroy the life she’s known.

Alone in the struggle with nobody to trust, Corey finds her way to Pioneer Squares, the catacombs of Seattle and a psychiatrist with connections that could both threaten her or help her. Can she trust him? Her efforts in the past have left her high and dry on the side of danger, with no way to solve the problem except run from it. But can she live her life – the life she desires – on the run?

She won’t leave her son. After spending time in jail and having to trust him to the court systems, she doesn’t dare leave him again. His father is missing, and presumed dead. But how can she protect Billy if she stays? With the heart of a mother, she reveals everything she knows to the only one who has made any effort to care, and takes her chances. But still, she’s working to provide a clear exit if nothing works.

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The story languishes in scenic elements of the Pacific Northwest, featuring foggy conundrums, island rendezvous, and snarky character development. Political candidates from the bubonic left to seedy black market criminals from the Russian mob, to spoiled rich kids drinking exotic coffees in upscale high school hangouts, all come together in this Weissbourd novel to form the foundation of a trilogy featuring Corey Logan, our heroin slash victim with an eye for living a better way of life.

I found this book to be a dynamic, edge of the chair political thriller with bestseller written all over it. If you’re looking for an amazing way to spend an afternoon, or some out of body experiences on the Pacific Coast, I recommend you grab a copy. This book gets 5 stars from this reviewer.

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