Couch Jackets Go to Bed

Couch Jackets Go to Bed


Go To Bed, by Couch Jackets, is not only an interesting new release, it’s one that will carry a long way on its own merit, and that goes beyond the immediate sense, as the songs rapidly grow into lives of their own. Each track has something substantial to offer but the album is not without mystery and neither are the band. Not having been familiar with them doesn’t resent its usual challenges when album comes right up your alley, as if intended just for you. I took that and much more perspective away from each listen to an album that might very well intrigue you at just about every turn.

For instance, it starts off on slow note, but it’s only the brief “Sideways Chicken” of a ditty to slide into the majesty of “Pillos N Rillos” which is a great track with all kinds of potential going for it from the storyline to the amazing amount of music one can pack into 4:40 seconds of pure ear candy. It’s one of the big tracks of which there are several to wrap your head around on this amazing display of studio performance art. You don’t want it to end, as with several other tracks on this album which manages to move mountains of soul stirring music. This track is not only outstanding, it comes with a big mid-section that doesn’t give itself enough credit as it pulls some punch in the sound mix.

After that huge display of musical chops and songwriting, you’re ready to go any of the number of directions the album takes you, which is several per song. It’s easy to underestimate an album until you’ve heard it enough to click, but once it does you’re usually never let down from there when it’s this good. “Vicious Children” is exactly the opposite but at the same time just as undeniably awesome beneath the surface. Both the latter two tracks are almost like taking in an orchestral experience without being taught a musical lesson at the same time, and that is a testament to the release.

“Don’t Think, Just Breathe” can be better understood by the video, which is a little ironic because it is about watching too much television and dulling the senses with what you see on the box on a regular basis. But it exemplifies the point on what is simply another fine track with a flawless vocal and some well advisable lyrics. The consistency stays spot on with the heavy drums of “Elephant Tusk (Helluva Musk)” and it’s another showing of absolute colossal proportion. Just another shiny gem to be found in these soft but hard tunes.

“Kathy Was All Woman” gets a little jazzy and almost funky in the arrangement and stands on its own two feet because of it, while “Hit The Sack” flies by like another song interlude. This ghostly little track gets best heard if repeated before going into the energetic “Tropical Jungle Book Hour” which puzzles as it pleases with another substantial track before the closer makes sure you’ll remember it all with “Oh Possum, My Opossum” making you sure glad you visited this choice album with top marks go to every song on it.


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