MkX releases “One Sided Love

MkX releases “One Sided Love”


One trend that’s been absolutely undeniable to notice in 2018’s music releases thus far has been the rise of atmospheric influences in pop music. No longer are artists content to write short bursts of energy encapsulate in a three or four minute pop song, instead musicians are taking their time and approaching the studio and the sound board with a grander vision of creating a soundscape for their listeners to get lost in. Within these soundscapes is a lot of avant-garde influences as well as considerations for noise music, post-punk, house music, electronica and even hip-hop, and frankly I can’t recall a modern movement quite like the one its wrapped up in at the moment. One of the more exciting artists in this field is none other than MkX, whose name isn’t new to anyone following electronic pop music’s underground in the last year. MkX is a rare breed; he has a talent that can’t be taught within the traditional confines of song craft. A highly educated young man, MkX has learned from history that if you want to make a real difference, you’ve got to learn all of the rules by heart and start breaking them for sport, and in the new song “One Sided Love,” in the spirit of Sun Ra himself, that’s exactly what he does.


Composing a song specifically meant for play in the club is unlike any other exercise in songwriting, mostly because of the obligation that that the composer has to the club goers that are hitting the dancefloor listening to the track. They didn’t just come to hear some cool music; they came here to dance, to shake and to find someone to possibly mate with. This is nature’s carnal instincts taking over and the music is the fuel that it needs to take on the night with full strength. When we’re out there, competing for each other’s love, showing off for one another and trying to be the coolest cat on the floor, the music is providing the soundtrack for our lives in that moment, and setting the tone that will inevitably make – or break – our night and the fascinating strangers that it brings into our lives. You can say that there is no more important music in our social lives than this, and you’d be right, and MkX doesn’t take this lightly in the slightest. “One Sided Love” does everything that we need a groovy night club anthem to do for us. It shakes, it bakes, and it features an infectiously wild beat that alludes to sex and raw human emotion that is enough to get anyone on their feet in short order.

After listening to “One Sided Love” it became astoundingly clear to me that the future is wide open for MkX and anything or anywhere that he wants to take his career to from here. Whether it’s working the club circuit, experimenting with remixes, embarking on an international tour with an equally raucous act or just spending some more time in the studio crafting another hit, I hope this isn’t the last we see of him this year.


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