RW Roldan drops new single

RW Roldan drops new single


Out of California’s San Fernando Valley comes Ray William Roldan (RW for short), a singer/songwriter who has been ripping through the California country/rock scene for some time and is now looking to take over the national charts with his brand new single, “Falling Star,” available now. While his music is steeped in the tradition of Americana and classic country music, Roldan isn’t afraid to dabble in blues and folk music now and again, and longtime fans will vouch that his career has developed leaps and bounds since he first emerged onto the scene several years ago. As a songwriter, he doesn’t restrict himself to the boundaries and restrictions set by Nashville and followed by many of his far less talented contemporaries. Instead, he does what any true artist does; expand, evolve and refine his craft over and over, giving us fresh little nuggets like this new single every once in a while to update us on his studious progress.


In “Falling Star,” Roldan paints us a very colorful picture, of the perils and strains of what making a career chasing fame can consist of. In his quaint, humble singing voice, he tells us the story of a girl breaking away from her small town for life on the road, a road that is rife with users and manipulators, and a life that is often a lot harder than it sounded like from the comforts of back home. Some of the time it feels like we’re watching a movie, the other part of the time it feels like we’re observing a still picture and drawing our conclusions of what the characters may or may not have said or been feeling. How telling that is of our own inner psyches, no? The way that we each individually interpret art differently and can draw a myriad of conclusions totally contrasting from one another. Much like a great novelist or filmmaker, Roldan is doing just that in his music; giving us something to talk about, question and contemplate.


The life of a touring musician is never an easy one, despite the glitz and glamor that it’s portrayed to come standard with (thanks to television and movies). The amount of passion and real, legitimate devotion you’ve got to have to be alone with the music year round, getting paid next to nothing to share it and only sometimes finding people who really understand it… let’s just say you don’t come by artists with that kind of work ethic all the time. That’s because that is what it takes to really go the distance, break the surface of pop culture and make a lasting impact on the listeners. I believe that RW Roldan has that fabled work ethic, and it’s showing up in his latest compositions and recording. Don’t take this for granted; especially as times have changed and we’ve entered the digital age, a lot of songwriters, performers and producers have become shamefully lazy when it comes to their output. It’s nice to know that there are still authentic artists like RW Roldanthat are making good music like this today.

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