Damyon – We’re All Dogs

Damyon – We’re All Dogs

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No subgenre of music has seen more growth and development in the last thirty years than alternative rock. Out of total and complete obscurity, alternative rock music has dominated the pop music landscape firmly as the most significant branch of the rock n’ roll tree since 1991, and although there have been a few bumps in the road since, it doesn’t appear that the end of its reign is anywhere in sight. The reason why is the continued emergence of alternative artists that are both exciting to listen to and artistically insightful and relevant on such a consistent basis that the music remains a powerful influence over pop culture as a whole. One of the more evocative bands of the scene that I’ve had the privilege to become aware of recently is none other than Damyon, a four piece North Hollywood band whose new extended play We’re All Dogs is quickly becoming one of the most talked about releases of 2018 both in rock and pop.

We’re All Dogs is a somewhat modest release from a band that has as much sonic depth and well-crafted lyrics as Damyon does, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the larger than life riffs and dirge melody that the group is becoming known for. There’s a touch of Kings of Leon, Neil Young and even a little bit of Green Pajamas in their sound, and while it is totally eclectic by design, their style is seamlessly executed with studio precision that should be enough to make even the most seasoned of performers quite jealous. Made up of eponymous lead singer and guitarist Damyon, drummer Phil Guerrero, Thomas Froggat on bass and Jerry Borge rounding out the lineup on keys, Damyon has a threatening, ominous undercurrent to their music that gives them all of the dangerous appeal of a late 80’s indie unit with all the melodic accessibility of a 21st century alternative act that has a clear direction and creative stability, and that’s really something to admire these days.

While there’s been a lot of concern that guitar rock is fading from the center stage of pop music, We’re All Dogs hints that there might still be some hope for old school, iron clad rock n’ roll going into the future. The sultry picking of “Crazy” and riff rock of “Come By Again” are two of the more solid tracks from the EP, and ironically they’re both driven by Damyon’s excellent work with the six string. It would be a real shame to see the complete death of this kind of expression in favor of a completely digitalized medium that doesn’t depend on the labor and artistry of traditional musicians. As long as this band is around though, I think the fight to keep rock from slipping into the ethers forever is still going to be raging harder than ever, and with a record like We’re All Dogs to soundtrack the battle, who wouldn’t want to join in and save something that we’ve held so sacred for so long?

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