Lauria drops new single

Lauria drops new single


Critics and fans alike are falling in love with Canadian singer/songwriter Lauria, who’s new single “Losing Me” is quickly becoming the most buzzed about song of the summer and a serious contender for some of indie music’s top honors for 2018. It’s no wonder why the press is taking the shine to her that they are; there hasn’t been a lot of positive output from pop music this year, and with such a barren landscape for the music media to try and draw energy from, “Losing Me” arrives at the optimal time to make the biggest splash of the year for an artist that truly deserves the attention. Right now, the consensus among audiences appears to be that choppy, stop start alternative music is out, and flowing, progressively minded music, of any genre, is very in on both sides of the Atlantic. Lauria understands this. What’s more, she understands that right now is the precise time to pounce on the vulnerable, vacant throne atop of the pop music charts. If “Losing Me” breaks out of college radio rotation and onto the FM Top 40 stations, you can pretty much count on seeing her next single debut somewhere in the upper half of the Billboard Hot 100.

The big appeal of this track is probably the absolutely stunning production that is exhibits from start to finish. While music is being delivered in crystal clear high definition audio like never before, almost to the point where music and lyrics are more vivid than anyone could have ever dreamt possible, Lauria pushes the sonic needle well over the line in her latest song, with magnificent results to boot. While you might not be expecting as much from an R&B artist, “Losing Me” is effective audio carnage that is loud and proud and so intimately packaged that it isn’t hard to forget that we’re listening to this song through speakers instead of up close and in person. That said, don’t get the idea that Lauria is falling into this abrasive trend that some of the dream pop crowd is getting into right now, where loud and proud often gives way to harsh and atonal. This music is far more melodic than that, and it’s held together on the strength of its singer’s immaculate vocal range and gently spun harmonies.

She could be a huge pop star. She could rock arenas and pack stadiums full of people to see a wild, elaborate show with lights and flames and sparkling set designs. She could mix ballads in with fiery anthems of nightclub destruction and unstoppable dance fever. Or she could be a crooner. She could own the little clubs that live in the darkness. She could own indie rock radio and cultivate crossovers with artists equally as experimentally minded as she is. She could be an alternative pop hit. Ultimately the direction of her career is 100% up to her, but the success of “Losing Me” is going to present Lauria with a lot of options moving forward. No matter which way she goes, I hope she stays true to the persona that she’s introduced us to here.


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