Project Grand Slam – Trippin’

Project Grand Slam – Trippin’


Love is a really difficult emotion to express in words for even the most linguistically gifted among us, and it’s because there really aren’t any words in any of earth’s hundreds of languages to describe the awesome, almost divine power of to transform and shape our lives. Love is the reason that we live our lives and seek out success as human beings; to find love, to capture all of its magic and allow it to affect us in every way, is the pursuit, the chase that drives the human spirit at its very core. One song that’s guaranteed to get a lot of love this summer is Project Grand Slam’s “Lament,” a brooding and reflective jazz ballad from the mind of Robert Miller and executed with under most precise, glowing production of 2018. I had the chance to preview this track prior to its release along with the rest of their new album Trippin’ and found myself completely enamored by its thoughtful, exquisite fusion charms.

If there’s one thing that is just as difficult as describing the passion and thrills of love’s twists and turns, it’s making a song that everyone can relate to. We’re living in the most diverse time in all of modern pop music history, and there’s so much variety for listeners to choose from that there’s all the more pressure on independent underground acts to hammer out music that really makes a lasting good impression of new fans. Project Grand Slam has consistently lived up to its moniker in producing sublimely attractive pop tracks that are tinged with Miller’s brilliant jazz influenced abilities, and there’s something really special about Trippin’ and “Lament” in particular that sets this project apart from any of its major contemporaries in the jazz or pop music scenes. Perhaps it’s the touch of soul music, or the heartfelt lyricism that utilizes a very distinctive style of prose that you don’t often find in crossover jazz music. Whatever it is, it makes even a melancholic song like “Lament” a sexy choice for anyone building a summer playlist of original, organic indie music.

This record has the chance to see Project Grand Slam move into the R&B market and make a serious play at the larger portion of its audience. There’s an authenticity in “Lament” that makes it so much more appealing to hardcore R&B fans than anything else I’ve heard on Top 40 this year, and that’s quite a statement for a jazz unit that has accomplished so much by adhering to the traditional ethos of its genre and their predecessors. No matter what your taste in music is, I recommend checking out this song and Trippin’ when it drops later this summer. With all of the buzz surrounding the album and the band itself, it will definitely be interesting to see how audiences of various scenes react to its sprawling ambition and lucid poetry. Personally, I really don’t think they could have done much better than this, and its rhythms really can’t be beat when compared to their closest rivals.


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