My Luv Notes feat. Stephanie Hochman “She Ain’t Me”

My Luv Notes “She Ain’t Me” goes to a good cause and the music is inspiring but not exactly uplifting, so if you love ballads done the right way, this track featuring NY’s Stephanie Hochman is right up your alley. It’s all about romance and one that did not go do well but ended up in better circumstances once looked back on. The combo is essentially Pop/R&B, but this is a crosscut track because it also embodies much of what the electronica community are after. Not to be confused with EDM, this is more of an electronic based-Pop/Soul song at heart.


It can be said that the voice of Hochman is one of the faithful-oriented and that’s well-written all over the ambience of “She Ain’t Me” but it’s only something observed from looking more into it, which turned me onto more of My Luv Notes and helps explain it in this review. My Luv Notes is a project about the music and their Boutique is committed to helping improve communities with percentages going to charity. But that’s just another good reason to hear this new song, and it’s also worth hearing all the music of MLN because there are no filler tracks to speak of.

Only the best quality is to be found in this song about losing love that turns out to be no loss after all, but I won’t give away the lyrics, just know it’s not a song without meaning. The piano is the key instrument, so the vocals do most of the work with Hochman taking a front seat all the way. It starts off slow, but it stays that way to get the message across about the words and it’s probably the most important part of this song. It might not be with every song, but everything fits the script where this one is concerned. I loved it right way, no denying that.


The lyrics keep you interested all the way, but it’s every element of this song put together which produces the actual magic, it should be heard by anyone who appreciates good music, and let the results fall where they may. It’s only a matter of time before this is making playlists or it’s really a dire time and with tracks like this its’s more than likely not the case and won’t be in the future, at least not when it comes to My Luv Notes.

One thing that’s guaranteed is Stephanie Hochman’s words and music which can be vouched for by anyone with the right amount of effort to do what it’s intended for and that is take the time to check it out. She is a killer vocalist, songwriter and musician doing good things for the music community and beyond, it’s just a competitive marketplace and exposure is the remedy for any good thing. If you haven’t heard My Luv Notes, you can also find the latest album which this single doesn’t appear on but comes with a track list of more of the same. The more the merrier, so I’ll be looking forward to the next one.


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