Taylen “All My Girls” (single)

Taylen unleashes a sonic windstorm of neon R&B beats in her latest single “All My Girls” that engages listeners on multiple levels and goes a long way towards ensuring that hers is a name that pop fans won’t be forgetting in 2019. The up and coming hit-maker doesn’t waste any time before laying down a furious groove that will evolve into a blistering power ballad by the time we reach the first verse. The synthesizers are bright and bubbly, the pulsating percussion almost heartbeat-esque, but the star of the show is always Taylen and her wickedly adept singing style, which will leave anyone with a taste for sleek pop sophistication begging for more.

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The vocal track is interwoven with the bassline here, and they generate a muscular harmony that is as defining in “All My Girls” as the song’s intelligent lyrical content is. Both the bass and Taylen’s angelic singing are equally physical in the master mix, and to a certain extent, they’re held together by the robotic beats that, despite bearing an artificial flamboyance at the start of the song, are colorized in vivid textures once the chorus rolls around. For all intents and purposes, this is a rare example of a pop single that is inarguably driven by its vocal packing just as much of a punch on the instrumental end as well.

Lyrically, “All My Girls” is a really empowering, fun-loving jam that sees Taylen refuting the temptation to draw from the same predictable well as her contemporaries, instead favoring something a little more self-aware and earnest. To be fair, her set of pipes could probably sound good singing just about any collection of verses that you put in front of her, but it’s nice that she clearly puts some genuine effort into making her words poetic, well beyond the standards of mainstream pop as a whole.

These beats are as textured and viciously gripping as the vocals are, and that’s no minor statement to make when we break down just how intricately faceted Taylen’s singing is in this single, and really, in all of her work released thus far in her career. We’re invited to get out of our seats and descend upon a raging dancefloor, but with that said, I don’t think that the vivacious energy isn’t the centerpiece of “All My Girls.” If anything is, it’s the relationship forged between Taylen and this melody, which ultimately yields all of the magic that transpires within the other elements of the track.

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Fans of pop and R&B really can’t beat Taylen’s new single this spring. Whether it’s chilling harmonies that pierce through our speakers and speak to us on an almost spiritual level or thrilling rhythm that serves as the perfect soundtrack for dancing the night away, “All My Girls” has got something that will grab your attention and get you hooked on the amazing musicality that this burgeoning songwriter has been blessed with. It’s a club anthem with a sultry melodic edge, and yet another example of why Taylen is making big waves in and out of the studio with her phenomenal, organic talent.

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