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The chorus tends to be the climax of most pop songs, but in the erudite “right place, at the right time” by MkX, it represents much more than just the fever pitch of a swinging new single out of the indie underground. Utilizing a soft, decadent vocal that contrasts with the black and white simplicity of the bassline, MkX manipulates melodic grit into something gorgeously golden-toned and slightly ambient in quality. If you came looking for an average pop harmony in this track, you’re going to be sorely disappointed by the searing song that this singer has designed for our pleasure this September.


Everything in “right place, at the right time” centers on the lead vocal from MkX, which on this occasion is more of a bonding agent than it is a fixture of the mix’s frontend. I really liked what he did in “One Sided Love” (as well as in the DJ Mike D remix of the track), but he’s matured a lot in the year that has passed since leaving the studio fresh from recording that single. Gone is the homage to European electropop sounds; in its place, there’s something a bit more suggestive and evocative that is wholly MkX’s and MkX’s alone.

I’d really be interested in seeing the hip-hop components in this track, as under the radar as they are, explored a little more in future compositions that this artist records, because if I’m being completely truthful, they render some of the more stock textures in songs like this one so much more fascinating than they would’ve been if performed by another musician. I’m not saying that MkX should turn around and make a full-fledged rap album, but he’s definitely got the right skillset to create something off the cuff for fans of the genre who have felt neglected in the latter half of the decade.

Of course, “right place, at the right time” isn’t without a couple of surface flaws. There’s a small issue with the transition into the second chorus (primarily in relation to how the instrumental side of the track loses pace with the vocal) and a little more of a push in the bass than I needed to hear, but for boasting as eccentric an arrangement as it does, this is still one of the slickest beat-driven ballads pop connoisseurs will hear this month. Personally, I’d take this song’s rough edges over the cleanest commercial content out there right now, and that’s no embellishment by any means whatsoever.

Groove addicts wanting a quick fix from a seasoned source have nothing to fear this fall courtesy of what MkX has done in “Highlights” and “right place, at the right time,” and if you haven’t taken the time out to explore his complete body of work, now would be a really good moment to do just that. There’s no containing the passion that this young man has got in his heart, and with assistance from a decent set of speakers, you’ll hear exactly what I mean when you give this single some much-deserved airtime.

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