Micah Elloh – Give Me More (single)

Micah Elloh – Give Me More (single)

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In his debut single “Give Me More,” Micah Elloh challenges modern pop music fans to expand their audiological palates in favor of experiencing something new and different amidst all of the blandness that Top 40 has to offer nowadays. Instead of conjuring up some textures and tones that are pretty standard in 2018, Elloh effectively goes out of his way to stitch together contrasting sounds that don’t necessarily go together on paper. The result is an opulently abstract and yet honestly relatable indie pop that isn’t like anything else you’ve heard before, but is as familiar and comforting as an old classic that you’ve been spinning for years.

I often wonder what the world would be like without the soundtrack that is pop music, and it’s never a pretty picture. Music has the exclusive ability to unite us, even when our differences are highlighted more prominently than ever, even when we struggle to find a connection even between the people that are closest to us; music always, and I stress always, finds a way to bring us back together. Cohesive, one people. How ironic that in a world that is constantly trying to find a solution, find a little bit of peace, that we already have something we all cherish, something so tangible to all of us, which bonds us together infinitely. Micah Elloh demonstrates a lot of maturity and self-awareness in his songwriting, but above all else, he knows the power that he can wield through his work, and it seems to me that he intends to use it for good above all else. His earnest sensibilities and use of intricate, diverse tonality suggests a positivity that is intoxicating and impossible to resist when you give it a chance to flourish. The impact is lasting, and his presence quite memorable even for a rookie.

The number one thing that “Give Me More” leaves us with is a rare sneak peek into what the 2020’s could sound like if artists collectively decide to push forward into uncharted territory without concern for what could, or ineffectively would, be marketable by today’s standards. The nimbleness of this kind of composition suggests that Elloh has a lot more in the bank that he is capable of, and I think it will be interesting to see how he does in a live setting. If the energy that he so masterfully is able to show off in the studio translates to his performances before a crowd, you can bet on Micah Elloh becoming a household name faster than you can spell out his name. If all it takes to be a hit is the look and feel, he’s already set. But if the devoted stewards of pop music throughout history have taught us anything, it’s that when you have a talented voice like this, you don’t rush the process. You let things unravel in due time, allowing evolution to run its natural course and yield a complete product. This cat is well on his way to the finish line, and I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

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