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In a glittery opening groove, the piano that will formulate the majority of the instrumental melodies in Hughie Mac’s “Let’s Get Away” kicks off an adventurous new single from the noted easy-listening singer that is almost certain to win your heart this season. Summer is upon us, and with it comes the desire to get away from the mundane in search of a little bit of solace outside of our day to day lives, and that’s where “Let’s Get Away” comes into play. Mac’s latest release is a celebration of the vacation lifestyle, and it’s arguably the chicest seasonal soundtrack that you’re going to come across this June (alongside its parent album, the incomparable Hughie Mac Sings Some Great Songs, Pt. 3).

Most of us know the words to this fabled Sinatra single by now, but Hughie Mac gives them a healthy dose of wallop in his execution here that is inarguably as original as anything Frank did with the song to begin with. His energy is as lively as the beats are, and there’s a vitality to his vocal that rivals anything that singers half his age in R&B and pop are making in 2019. He puts the pulse of a youthful spontaneity into this track without succumbing to the rigid construction of the composition, which in the case of “Let’s Get Away,” is one of the more difficult tasks that an artist attempting to cover it faces. This isn’t Mac’s first rodeo, and he acts like the seasoned pro he is in this song unwaveringly.

There’s no escaping the piano’s aching melody in “Let’s Get Away,” and I would say that it’s just as expressive in tone as the vocal is on its own. Mac is the type of performer who refuses to shortchange his audience when it comes to a well-rounded listening experience, and while he’s got the capabilities here to make everything in the song revolve around his golden croon, he rejects such selfishness in favor of sharing the spotlight with the boldly arranged instrumental background instead. His mature approach to covering this track isn’t the only reason why I would tell you to give it a spin this month, but it’s definitely one of the more interesting aspects of its content nonetheless.

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Hughie Mac never fails to impress when he emerges from the studio with a new set of songs, but “Let’s Get Away” presents us with a new level of luster from his brand of classic vocal pop that is too amazing to be missed. I’m probably a bigger snob when it comes to covers than most of the pop music-consuming public is, but be that as it may, I don’t think that there’s another single of this persuasion that boasts as much of a lavish tonality and effortlessly original energy as this latest release from Mac does. His work has grown on me quite a bit in the last year, and if he keeps making music of this caliber, his momentum is going to be tough for his peers – young and old – to slow down.

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