Kendra & The Bunnies newest track “NYKO NYKO” is here!

Los Angeles’ Kendra & The Bunnies newest track “NYKO, NYKO” from the album of Thank You is out now. Known for their tapestry of folk rock and psychedelic threads, Kendra & The Bunnies, even just a preview of the “NYKO, NYKO” stylings assures the listener Kendra Muecke (lead singer and songwriter) is continuing to push boundaries and sonic dissonances in her latest coda. “NYKO, NYKO” Muecke bleeds, and the listener is left with a saddened, yet hopeful outlook.


Releasing thought provoking and ear bending material is nothing new for the singer/songwriter/activist/spoken word artist / actress. And more. She adds more titles to her name on a daily basis it seems, as the boundless energy never seems to taper off the same way her voice lingers in the listener’s brain for hours. Her rapturous voice in “NYKO, NYKO” has a sense of awe, a crawling tarnished guitar meandering its way around her eclectic voice. She’s vintage, with a velvet crushed bohemian fragrance hanging in the air when she sings. Listening to Muecke sing is transporting yourself to the corner coffee shop, where all the hustle and bustle of the morning has passed, leaving you in an intimate setting with one of America’s most unique songwriters. She’s a visionary and exudes poetry in motion.

The pitter-patter patterns of the tapping on the acoustic guitar flutter about Mueke’s voice like a butterflies in the valley. The percussion fills the arena like a thundering herd miles and miles away. A serene, hush of a steel guitar cuts through the song’s upper half, in a charming and abiding way. Her entire essence in “NYKO, NYKO” breathes in a whole aura of nature, of being outside in the desert and swaddled in Mother Earth’s breast. According to the press materials, of Thank You has been in the making for some time. I’ve encountered Mueke’s storytelling before, and her song arrangement and art is highly enigmatic. Her kiln includes the aforementioned folk rock and psychedelic, but this latest potent creation is electric to the touch. Her spoken word background is embedded in the structure, and her emphasis on the chorus (nyko, nyko) transports the listener to her and only her.

Time seems to stand still while listening to her siren call and her serenade to the West. Her voice has the hue of a blues artist, smokey and weathered. Shout, you know who I’m talking about, who I, who I, who am, love is real, I fade away, fade away, she hymns. As a listener, it’s evident she’s ensconced in the hypnotic beads of the guitar melody, the psychedelic lure has overcome her and the listener. It’s a haze of joy and a celebration of life all happening in just over six-and-a-half-minutes.


Kendra & The Bunnies includes Marcus Rezak (Shred is Dead), Garrett Morris (The Higgs), Jes Music, All Shapes, Will Traylor, and Mister Trent (Kerosene Hymns). Ashten Talley and Elvira Shi are noted as co-writers.  of Thank You is the band’s third album, a follow-up to of Vinyl  and 2019’s of Always.

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