“If I Go” From Wind Meets West

“If I Go” is the latest single from Wind Meets West. An emotionally-rich track, this song contains both the elegance of an ambient electronica movement and the modest guitar riffs found in Americana storytelling greats. Wind Meets West, the moniker of Tony Nguyen, brilliantly conveys a dreamy escape, a turning point in one’s life. When life throws a twist into the plot, as it always does, it’s songs like “If I Go” that focus the compass on true north.

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Deciding on whether or not he should stay in New York City, or move back to where he’s originally from, Los Angeles, Nguyen cleverly crafts a cozy song. His voice is both admirable and endearing. There’s a warmness in his delivery that faintly recalls Owl City and Toad The Wet Sprocket’s Glen Phillips. “If I Go” begins with a hush of a piano, where it soon unfolds to bright Nguyen vocals hovering over a steady-strummed acoustic guitar. It sounds just slightly clunky, a bit off-center. That’s what makes this song all the better. It’s a little charm, a little spark to catch your ear. It seems to echo the beach appeal of the West Coast, all the while looking through the worldly-larger-than life New York City lens.

I’m seeing stars before the sunrise, tracing lines under city lights, you’re the melody I never thought I’d write, a love song quiet in the night, Nguyen sings. A throbbing bass guitar or bass line bubbles. He’s back in that New York groove, you whisper to yourself. He’s not saying goodbye to the city that never sleeps. If I go there’s no me and you, no you and I in NYC, now I wonder, do I choose to stay, he sings. Nguyen puts the listener in his head space, or on that balcony looking over thousands of walking New Yorkers. He creates a flow that compliments the mellow California tone and the starry eyed dreamers found on 42nd Street. Nguyen pierces the listener’s soul with his instant likeability. He’s very young sounding, but his music bed has sophisticated and far-reaching levels. I found his lyrics to be smile inducing – and very relatable. He draws the listener in and we’re left wondering, is he really talking about being in love with that special someone, or is this yet another love letter to the island of Manhattan?

I personally think it’s both. I think he’s smitten with someone and I think he’s embraced all that New York throws at him. Even when it lets him down, he can’t turn his back. Comfort and his parents back in California might be easy, but he’s wanting to make it on his own merit. On the other hand, he’s found a new flame and it burns just as bright as the California sun. “If I Go” can translate to many different interpretations and can be applicable to many folks. It’s yet another reason that Nguyen continues to create outstanding pieces. “If I Go” follows a busy year already for Wind Meets West – he’s already released “allmyfriendsarefuckinglonely”, “Questions”, “Slow” and “Chasing”.  

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