Conceptz – Splash

Conceptz – Splash


Featuring the guest talents of musician, songwriter, and Grammy award winner Benny Blanco, Conceptz’s “Splash” runs a little over four minutes and makes excellent use of every second. It has a relatively spartan backing track over which the duo’s hip hop delivery finds its mark early on with an entertainingly raunchy, albeit understated and never crude, ode to the joys of bedding beautiful women. The song’s point of view percolates with the typical confidence we hear from many male hip hop artists, but what distinguishes Conceptz from their peers and contemporaries is the potent stylishness defining their vocal approach. The brothers behind Conceptz structure the track so that the vocals are traded off throughout the course of the song and, as a result, we get the best of both worlds – a lighter, more rhythmic delivery contrasted against an aggressive counterpoint brimming over with rough-hewn swagger.

There’s a satisfying amount of subtlety, however, fueling this track, particularly during the insistent refrain spiced up with a recurring hushed vocal touching on the song’s title. The song seamlessly segues from the verses into the chorus and then back again with the expertise of naturals with this form and it’s all the more impressive when you consider Conceptz hasn’t been working at their art, on a professional level, for that long. The two brothers at the center of this project, Short Fuze and Highrowglyphfix, have been perfecting their approach to hip hop since first forming Conceptz in 2011 and seven years in the hip hop scene has seen them rise fast thanks to their obvious and prodigious talents.


The accompanying video for the single is a well shot, professional production with a bevy of beautiful ladies in tow and a confident air surrounding each of the performers. It’s an obvious “New York” video, filmed in the heart of the Big Apple, and the city’s assertive character is reflected in songwriting as well without ever coming off as overwrought. The instrumental colors utilized to realize this song are rendered with a warm, discerning production style that highlights each musical color and blends them together with satisfying finesse. The vocals are, naturally, the highlighted aspect of Conceptz’s production efforts and each voice comes across in an engaging way.

Conceptz’s steady rise through the hip hop scene has seen them take a different approach than many other similar units. Short Fuze and Highrowglyphfix don’t confine their artistry to just singles and longer traditional releases – they aim to craft music that can be useful for promoting individual brands or featured as incidental soundtrack music as well. They’ve developed in remarkable ways since their 2011 formation and the continuing confidence we hear in their single releases indicates they are far from finished and haven’t yet hit their peak. Conceptz is a powerful duo bonded by blood and astute enough to work with talented collaborators to realize their musical ambitions – few tracks could scarcely make that more apparent than their new single “Splash”.


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