Jake Allen releases new album

Jake Allen releases new album

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Jake Allen’s bio refers to the Michigan-based artist’s work as lending themselves “to the fleeing practice of sitting down and really listening to a record from start to finish.” Allen’s newest product, the 14-track masterful Deviant Motions is a stop what you’re doing and listen to this watershed collection.

This is Allen’s third album – his first album Sleep came out in 2009. Etherica, his sophomore effort, came out in 2011. The two albums both had 12 or less tracks, so it might seem like a leap, but he keeps adding tracks with each album. I guess that between touring the country and finding the time to create, we will give them the benefit of the doubt that it took longer for this one. And, golly, there are 14 songs.

Allen’s approach is progressive – imagine if YES decided to jam with Charlie Puth – and modern enough that you don’t feel like you’re attached to a kick drum. Allen plucks the guitar and generates a unique sound. He’s crisp and his vocals clear – he’s crispy clear! Allen can actually sing. He’s not relying on auto tune or the computer to brush up his delivery. He leaves the orchestrations and music beds to help elevate his emotions.

Lyrically – I wouldn’t say he’s a wordsmith, but he certainly keeps you listening. I think the worst song on this album “Dust And Spider Webs” is still a charmer. He sings “something in this house isn’t right.” As a listener, I think I was eager for a bit more substance for a song with such an interesting title.

Allen makes up for it in the mysteriously titled “Imprismed,” “Troubadorial,” “Drowning In a Shallow Paradigm” and “Lascivious.” His songs don’t follow a formula, per se, but he manages to put his unique stamp on each of them. You know you’re listening to a Jake Allen tune.

“The End Of Us” might feel as a heartbreaker at first listen, but Allen’s warm vocals give it a sense of brightness, a positive spin. The same goes for “If You Fall Apart.”

In “Detour” he’s telling all our stories – only he’s doing the reading. This is a beautiful tune and a must-have for your Spotify playlist. Better yet, buy the whole album.

I really enjoyed “Bridges.” This song will likely appeal to more of the rockers. It’s a bit of a hipster vibe, but not enough that you want to skip over it. Another standout is the first track, “The Picture.” “The Picture” really set the stage for me. I’m glad it’s the first one out of the gate – it rocks and it’s also one you could meditate to. Rounding out the key tracks are “Bridges” (this is a great riding in your car song), “Scorpio” (fun song!) and again, “Lascivious.”

So, what’s the verdict? In case you didn’t know – Jake Allen’s Deviant Motions gets a solid rating. Fans of original music will find something they like here – no matter the genre, no matter their age, no matter their gender. Deviant Motions would be a great addition to your musical library.

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