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Jacques Gaines will bewitch all but the most cynical of listeners with his new single “Something Wrong with Me”. This is no small achievement considering two factors; it is far from a cheerful number as it portrays the devastating loss felt following an acrimonious breakup and, second, it marks a confident return to popular music for an once promising singer/songwriter who deserted this facet of the music world for many years in response to increasing disillusionment and exhaustion with the music world’s business as usual paradigms running roughshod over artistic considerations. His vocal sounds like a man who never really went away; he delivers the lyrics with smooth sincerity, his spot on phrasing weaving through the verses with surprising calm considering the nature of the songwriting.

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLBLdWTYBzI

The contributions of guest rapper David Lamb seem a little out of place, but I understand why Gaines included them in the song. There are a few likely reasons and one is a simple recognition of where popular music is today – hip hop has reached a level of acceptance you couldn’t have dreamt of in its nascent years of growth during the eighties and is a staple of the modern scene. Including a vocal in this style is certain to broaden the song’s appeal in some ways. Second is that, while Gaines’ singing pushes the emotional envelope sometimes during the song, Lamb brings physicality to the emotions of “Something Wrong with Me” that Gaines could not provide but felt like the song needed. The intense rhythmic nature, particularly hypnotic, does prepare listeners for the track in some respects.

I am impressed with the production. There is no small orchestra of instruments coming together during this performance, but there are enough that in the hands of amateurs, the track might come off as more of a mess. Gaines, instead, produces a song where none of the disparate instruments step on each other’s toes and maintain enough separation to result in a clear, unfettered performance. The sum is greater than its individual parts and the complementary interplay they maintain throughout the track makes for great listening. Jacques Gaines’ “Something Wrong with Me” is a good listen and a strong single from his new album that will entice listeners to check out the entire Volume Won album release.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Something-Wrong-with-Me/dp/B07NLLYHK6

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