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If you follow the underground rock beat out of the always sunny scene in Philadelphia, then you’ve probably already heard the music of the Sharon Lia Band. Led by the one and only Sharon Lia, the SLB’s next album, Beyond Wonderland, is easily one of the most eagerly-awaited LPs scheduled to see release this August, and ahead of its drop date the group is adding to the anticipation with a teaser-track in their new single “Why Can’t We Pretend?” and its lyric video, both of which I would deem the most emotive content we’ve collectively heard from this sonic syndicate so far.

Lyrically, “Why Can’t We Pretend?” is so much more raw and edgy than what the SLB’s indie colleagues have been submitting this season that you could almost make the case for it being more of an identity single than a mere preview of what’s to come in Beyond Wonderland. Lia is wearing her heart on her sleeve in this track and putting herself out there in a way that I didn’t realize her capable of embracing, and if she didn’t have as much chemistry as she does with these players, I would say that she sounds adept enough to pursue something a little more experimental in the future.

Sharon Lia’s vocal execution is spot-on, but there is a moment in the third minute of the song where the strings become a bit of a distraction from everything else going on. It doesn’t interrupt the steady flow of verses from saturating the track in primeval passion, but there’s no avoiding the crushing thwack that they dish out in the culmination of textures that acts as the nucleus for this composition. Their tonality alone is something worth writing home about, and in contrast to the commercial alt-rock sound that’s been fighting to stay alive on the charts lately, they don’t reek of technical inauthenticity.

The lyric video is as fluid an artistic gold nugget as the music it contains is, and I really appreciate that the SLB didn’t overthink the template for its design. There’s nothing worse than a lyric video that wants to be something more than what it actually is, but what we see in “Why Can’t We Pretend?” isn’t some pretentious stroking of egos wrapped in taut, high definition visuals. Lia isn’t the type of singer to put her name on something watered-down, and her band takes an applause-worthy approach towards videography in this exercise in poetic engagement.

Those who have never heard the Sharon Lia Band would be wise to make their acquaintance with the group through this fantastic new single, as it is by far their most accomplished release they’ve produced since coming onto the scene way back in 2013. This is shaping up to be a really big year for their brand, and if history has taught us anything about Lia’s music, it’s that we can always count on her to surprise us with a dynamite skillset. Beyond Wonderland is on my required listening list for the month, but before it arrives, fans should make a point of hearing its first single.


Michael Rand

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