Haley Brooke drops new single “One of These Days”

Gilded notes trickle down an atmospheric, effervescent backdrop in “One of These Days,” a brand new slab of pop poetry from critically acclaimed up and comer Haley Brooke. After the release of her debut single “Where You Are,” Brooke re-entered the studio last year and laid down a vocal track for this song that leaves a lasting imprint even in cursory examinations of its grandeur. I had the privilege of giving this single a preview recently, and while I expected something worthwhile to stand up next to “Where You Are,” I had no idea the level of aesthetical detail that I would find upon hearing this track for the first time.

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These lyrics don’t indulge in ridiculous metaphors or recycled themes left over from the ashes of other pop songs recorded in the last couple of years. Haley Brooke uses a sharp lyrical prose that has more in common with straightforward folk music than it does contrived, electronic pop, but her verses are nevertheless as cosmopolitan and sleekly arranged as they come. The twists and turns of the melody in the opening stanza are controlled by her majestic vocal, which remains the most powerful element in the song from the moment the music starts to play to the second it concludes.

The instrumentation here is very patient, to the point where it becomes lumbering as we near the chorus. Though it emphasizes the brooding in Brooke’s words better than anything else could, it doesn’t distract us from the swing in her voice (as deceptively minute as it may be), nor does it grind the gears of the song so slowly that we descend into a boring churn. I like that while Brooke’s pace remains somewhat frisky and playful, the backing track behind her drags a little, creating this sense of pain and contemplation that just wouldn’t be present otherwise.

At around the three minute mark, Haley Brooke gets in touch with her inner-jazz crooner and belts out one of the most memorable verses of the New Year. This sound in particular is one that I really want to hear more of in the future; she recoils a bit as the music finally grows powerful and potent, only to come storming back at the lyrics with a force that is both violent and utterly moving. The tonality is simply off the charts throughout this song, but there isn’t a moment that captures the magic of Brooke’s songcraft as a whole better than this one does.

In the haunting chorus, Brooke proclaims with a bittersweet sincerity that “You’re gonna want me,” and never have pop lyrics rung so true. This talented young woman has got a big future ahead of her, and considering the caliber of this new single you’d have to be a fool to think differently. She’s got the swagger of a much older, more seasoned recording veteran combined with the easygoing mentality of a youthful hotshot looking to make her mark on the world as she sees it around her. I seriously doubt this will be the last we hear of her this year.

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