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Dustyy Lane, aka Dustyy Lane Band, consist of hit making producer Carl Roland and recording artist, former model and actress KLEO. They perform as a duo and-also a ten-piece band, but together on the new single “Now It’s Christmas,” they pull out all stops for a holiday tune with the word “hit” written all over it. The duo are no new comers on the block either, with Roland’s background spanning many hits as a producer and musician, and KLEO’s two Billboard top ten songs are just an example of their illustrious achievements. Together, they bring the holiday spirit to the world in grand fashion.

Their stories make for a lot of interesting factors to add to their name as Dustyy Lane Band, and that includes how Roland got started when he travelled from Kansas City to LA, and how they finally wound up working together. This is no ordinary run of the mill act, it’s a world class combo with all the bells and whistles to go with it. The song isn’t quite gospel, but it is also not without that spiritual feel that helps the music come out masterfully. You can tell by just this one track that this band can play anything, so it comes recommended as an introduction if you haven’t seen them already.

Christmas music has always evolved over the years, and this fits the bill on every level without any question. The track begins with a sparkling melody that properly runs about 12 seconds or so before the voice of KLEO completely comes to life and captivates you for the entire song. Some of the music they play is jazz, but it’s important to not confuse them with the Dusty Lane Jazzband, which can happen while researching them on the internet where there’s more to find on them to see how truly professional they are. Anyone who hears “Now It’s Christmas” will want to find out more and that’s how to go about it.

They also have quite the stage act as well as being a duo, including backing dancers with KLEO that isn’t limited to the Vegas style but does contain much of the same dazzling aspects at a high-quality level. This is also something that can easily be detected by listening to “Now It’s Christmas” but it’s still more of a straight forward and classically traditional but also modern holiday song. I can easily see them performing this with dancers and the band combo setting with the clothes to match the theme.

The production on this single by Roland is spot on, and even though his role in the band isn’t as up-front as KLEO, his presence is constantly felt. It’s a great reminder that Christmas can still be the best time of the year when people embrace the spirit and actually-get involved. It’s no different with music in general or other cultures and traditions, it’s just that Dustyy Lane Band do it with the utmost integrity that results in a minimum of fuss and contains no fake spirit. And that alone is hard to come by in a sea of competition to be heard in the weekly shuffle of music releases, of which “Now It’s Christmas” will no doubt be heard.

Michael Rand

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