Gabriele Saro Releases Two New Singles (feat. Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto)

Gabriele Saro is an Italian based artist with something of an identity crisis. He describes himself as having two sides, one artistic, one more pragmatic. Aside from being a recording artist, Saro boasts several degrees in business and even neuro linguistics. It’s fascinating to explore exactly what drives people like Saro to be so ambitious and disciplined, and yet still find a way to tap into their own vulnerabilities. On his two new singles, Gabriele does a relatively deep emotional dive, and is fearless in the embrace of his fears.

“Back Parachute” is a nearly 5 minute number, that somehow succeeds in being a radio friendly pop standard. That’s not to discount it’s uniqueness in any way, as the transition from soft, new age style guitar work to an almost EDM like chorus is quite taking. Saro is a tremendous singer, with a clean style and an innocence that gives him a youthful energy. “Back Parachute,” has a familiarity and a ubiquity that will find an immediate audience. It’s intro will allow it to stand out and account for creative credibility, but the track is essentially a love song to dance to.

The production on “Back Parachute” is slick and more than competent. It was something of an ambitious compositional approach, and Saro and company, truly pull it off. The sections blend into one another, smoothly, and Saro’s vocal takes are quite flattering. It’s a case of performance and production coming together to stellar results. “Back Parachute,” comes highly recommended for fans of the modern Pop-Hybrid genre.

“Ring The Bell” is both a departure from and an extension of “Back Parachute.” A more straightforward dance song, “Ring My Bell,” wastes no time with establishing a setting, and gets right into the action. Funny enough, Saro’s vocal on this one is much more reserved. He approaches it as if it’s a ballad, and while the result is mostly favorable, it doesn’t quite have the presence of “Back Parachute.” Saro’s delivery is a bit mumbled at times, and he seems a little buried in the mix, at others.

One of the small, but still worth mentioning aspects of both songs, are the durations. Both “Back Parachute,” and “Ring My Bell,” are pop songs with sterling potential, particularly, the former. However, with both coming in at around 5 minutes, it’s possible they could lose a little steam at a certain point. Now, it can be a completely impertinent detail, but as I listened to both songs in full, I couldn’t help but feeling editorial to some extent. “Ring My Bell,” specifically, could have been equally as effective as a 3 minute piece, leaving the thirst for more.

All things considered, Gabriele Saro has made an undeniably positive impression of his work, with both singles. His voice has instant appeal, and his finest traits leap from the speakers. He shows personality and musicality, and possesses all of the intangibles of a burgeoning Pop Star. Follow up will be key, of course, but with “Back Parachute,” Saro has a potentially big hit on his hands. Where he lands when he releases that parachute, is going to be an exciting event.

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